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Amanda - July 25

i have a problem i dont know which brand of clomid to take ????? name brand or generic???? is there a difference in which one is to work?? it is like a 40 dollar difference .... any advice would be great ... and if there are any woman out there that has gotten pregnant off of clomid ... what did you take ... generic or name brand?? thanks to everyone .. baby dust to all !!! *~*~*~*~*~****


Amanda - July 25

any information would be great ... thanks


MelissaS - July 25

Hi Amanda - I conceived on my second round of Clomid (now 6 1/2 weeks along). I used the generic. There is no difference in the meds, just the price. Good Luck!


Jill - July 26

Ask your doctor. There really isn't a difference in the brand name or generic. The medicines are the same, it's just that the brand name company did all of the research to get the medicine on the market. The generic is the same thing, you just aren't paying the research costs for the company.


Casie - July 26

I got pregnant twice with the generic. I am currently on this for the third time. Both of the past times I was on 100 mg for two months and 150 mg both times it worked. This time they started me on 150 to begin with. I also take glucophage xr (generic).



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