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Darleen - November 17

How many of you actually conceived using clomid? I have been on it going on 3 months and no luck so far. Just tell me if it is worth it, Thanks!!!!!!!!!


b - November 17



sara - November 17

I tried 50mg once with no luck then I tried 100mg and got pregnant for twins right away.


isa - November 17

I was on 100mg first month and lining was too thin so he dropped me to 50mg and lining again was too thin and I ended up with 4 cysts this month so I cannot continue this cycle. He was going to have me do no clomid and only shots this month but its all been cancelled til the cysts go away


Nic - November 17

Were the cyst caused by the clomid?


Darleen - November 17

My dr has kept me on 50mg for 3 mo now and wont change me, I'm not sure why? I also have a cyst, but my dr feels its in the normal range, and if I become pg, than it should go away on its own.


Shannon - November 19

I have tried clomid 6 times and not gotten pregnant. It did however give me two cysts which both went away on their own. One went away and I didn't notice but the other one burst and caused a lot of pain for a few days which I was told was normal. I am sure there are success stories out there. My doctor told me that she has one patiend who conceived all three of her children using clomid and these children are now in their teens. Don't get discouraged maybe it will just take a few more tries. I have now stopped the clomid because I keep getting cysts and it has not worked for me. My next step will be iui but I am not sure when I will try this. My doctor thinks I will get pregnant on my own but I am tired of waiting since it has been a long time. Baby dust to you.


to Darleen - November 19

I conceived my children on Clomid (50 mg). Is your doctor doing IUI also?
What dosage are you on?


to darlene - November 19

My doctor told me that if your follicles are stimulated and you are ovulating on 50 mg. then there is no reason to up your dosage. Does that make sense?


Darleen - November 21

What is an IUI? He really isn't doing anything but giving me clomid. Except for the first month he checked my blood on 23 days from my last cycle. Last month he did nothing and I think I might ask him to do a us this month. Any advice?



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