Clomid 3-7 vs 5-9?
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Mindy1 - February 23

I was wondering what the biggest difference in the days are. My doctor prescribed me 100 mgs of Clomid from days 3-7, and I have been ovulating on days 12-13, but then my cycle is pretty much over on Day 24(last month) and this month it ended on day 22. I dont know whether to continue on 3-7 or ask my doc about 5-9? Whats the difference... or is there one? Thanks!


addie1717 - February 23

I have heard that 3-7 is it somewhere. But I have even taken it 4-8. I think it will very when you O...I would ask your Dr...they know best...hope that helps!


Mindy1 - February 23

Im just gettin sad cuz its gonna be round 3, and no results. I know Im ovulating, I just dont know what Im doing wrong :(


jg - February 23

Mine is 50mg days 2-6.


pdodero - February 25

with a short luteal phase you might want to find out about progesterone to help lengthen it. 10-11 is short but they say usually not to short have heard of women useing progesterone cream to try to help good luck and babydust


tonyaandjoe - February 26

i take mine days 5-9.



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