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Jenny - September 6

This my second cycle on clomid. I have been charting my temps this month but I haven't seen any ovulation yet. I took my last pill on sat aug 27. I heard that you should ovulate around day 5-10 after your last pill. Well I haven't seen any temp changes. I'm on day 10 and nothing. I'm taking 50mg, should i take maybe 100mg next time? My Dr told me also to take them on day 5-7 only 3 pills does that sound right? I've read a lot of woman take them for more days like days 4-8 or even 3-7. ANYONE USING CLOMID RIGHT NOW THAT COULD GIVE ME SOME ADVISE I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATED.


Julie - September 6

I finished my 1st round of 50mg days 3-7. I've been charting my temps too and don't think I ovulated either. I went for a blood test today to see if I did, probably find out in a few days. But if I didn't I'm supposed to go thru another cycle of the same. I would like to move to 100mg also, but don't think my dr. will let me... He made it sound like I'd have to go thru 3 cycles like this... Have you asked your dr. yet if you can switch?


Sara - September 6

Hi Jenny, I'm currently taking 100mg of Clomid and from my temps and OPK it looks like I did ovulate this month. I've never heard of taking 3 pills per cycle. I take 5 pills on days 2-6. I never ovulated on 50mg so hopefully 100mg will do the trick. Also my doc said sometimes it might take a cycle or two of clomid for your body to get adjusted to it. Good luck


Jenny - September 6

Hi Julie, you see my Dr didn't even wanted to prescribe it to me. He wanted me to go to an infertility specialist. I told him let me just try it for a couple of months since we already know that the problem is that I'm not ovulating. So he agreed, but I don't think he's going to change it he will probably will tell me to go to the specialist. I really ttc without doing that since it's so expensive and my insurance will not cover any infertility treatments. So I think that I'm going to try 100mg next cycle. Maybe that would do it. I purchase some clomid online thy where so much cheaper. And your right Sara I heard of 5 pills but never of 3. I think he was scared to prescribe me more that. He keep saying to me "you may have multiple pregnancy" I said to him I am aware of the side effects, let me just try it for a couple of months, if it doesn't work then I'll go to the specialist. So here we go I'm going to try one last time. Thanks a lot guys you really helped a lot! Baby Dust to all!!


Kerri - September 6

I took Clomid for the first time this month--days 3-7(never heard of only 3 days) and today is day 25 and no temp change yet to confirm ovulation--next month I will try 100mg. Right now we are going to a specialist but he'd not doing anything different than what my OB would do so it's not costing us any more money to see him than to see my OB---hope this helps and Baby Dust to you!


annette - September 7

i did 2 rounds of clomid 100mg, days 5-9. 1st time i od on cd21, and 2nd time i od on cd28. this is my 3rd cycle, i am taking 150mg, on days 3-7. i am now waiting for o. looks like clomid may sometimes make u o even late, like my case. 100 mg didnt give me much side effects, but this time, ive been very moody i guess..


Lynn - September 8

I have taken clomid in the past. I began taking in Jan. of 2004. In Jan. I took 50mg with mo success. My doc. had me take 100mg beginning in Feb. I did that until May 2004. No pregnancy and only ovulated 1 - 2 months out of the 5 months. I took a break and June got preg. on our own but m/c in July. In Sept. of 2004, we began again at 100mg. In Jan, of 2005, we paired clomid with IUI twice, nothing. Took another break until July of 2005. When I went to the fertility doc in July, they explained that clomid dries cervical mucus (which is very important) and some people it is just not a good thing. I was upset with all the time spent in clomid (along with all the moodiness). In August, we decided to try follistim + IUI and I am happy to report, so far, we are preg ( I am spotting so they are monitoring for another m/c) and go back on Friday for blood check. My advice, really talk with your doc. and get good answers and do not settle for less. I wish I would have asked and researched more so I did not let 13 months go by. Good Luck to you!


Lynn - September 8

I forgot, I took my clomid from 3 - 7 but when we went to fertility doctor, he had me take it 3-9



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