Clomid 150mg
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Karen - September 27

I was wondering what the side effects are for such a high dose of Clomid. I'm currently taking 100mg and get moody and sometimes hot. Does it get worse?


Tonya - September 27

Hi, my RE said she wouldn't put me on over 100mg, because if you're on more Clomid has a tendency to thin your lining too much. Hope this helps.


Karen. - September 27

My doc said the highest he would go is 150mg. I was hoping I would get pregnant with the 100mg but its not looking that way. I'll have to ask him about the thinning of my lining. Thanks for the info.


isa - September 28

i was on 5 days of 100mg of clomid and then 4 days of injections. when they checked my lining it was too thin for the size follicles i had so they put me on estrogen, 2mg - 2x day and so far so good they said my estrogen went way up fantastically within 2 days and my lining was perfect. Maybe that is what he is planning for you also. It worked for me and i never had a thin lining before when they checked it (without clomid that is)


Karen - September 28

Hi Isa, Do you mean he might put me on estrogen too? I do have an appt at the beginning of Oct to see him for a follow up. I'm wondering if the clomid did thin out my lining.


me - September 29

just an fyi, i read in numerous fertility books that if clomid doesn't work within 3 cycles, chances are it won't help you. However, you CAN go up to 6 cycles total on Clomid, but 80% conceive within the first three. If clomid doesn't work for you, you can try Femara or another ovulation medicine and see if that helps. Good luck!


chrissy - September 29

i took it for a few cycles, and had migraines, and hot flashes some nausea, but nothing to unbearable, i didnt like how i felt, but others i talk to had no side affects and got pregnant right away. everyone is so different, lots of luck!


hayley - September 29

im on 150mg and have been taking it on day 2 for 5 days and i have took it scince april so its been 5 months and i have no problems.


Karen - September 29

That's good to know Hayley. Did your doc tell you if it thins out your Uterus?


hay - September 29

my gyno has explained a lot to me and i undersatnd and im happy to be were i am its been tuff to get here



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