Clomid 100mg and metformin no luck but acupuncture sucess!
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jodi - October 24

I just wanted to share something very interesting! I am 37, have pcos and a 2yr old daughter (concieved naturally), a m/c in april (concieved naturally). If left to nature I would have maybe have 4 periods a year and ovulate randomly. Since April I have been on 1500mg metformin, with no ovulation. In Sept I took prometrim (very light spotting period), 1500 mg metformin and100mg clomid, which my RE considered unsucessful. Although I did ovulate day 25, according to temps, cwm and opk. It was my first opk ever! No pregnancy. This month I decided to stay on metformin, drop all other meds (my RE wanted to go to injectables which I was not ready for) I have just been relying on my acupuncturist and herbs (this last week I went from pills to tea YUCK!). She brought on a nice healthy period and on day 16 (sat morning) I had a nice big temp drop and ewcm! No opk yet, but I am not waiting for that! I am assuming that I am ovulating. I am soooo excited that this is working for me! I am hoping for a bfp this month, if not this month maybe next at least now I am ovulating which is better than the meds were doing. I have a great feeling about all this and have had no side effects like the cyst from clomid or moodiness. It is great! I recomend it to anyone and everyone. I'll keep you posted.


jodi - October 24

daughter took 6 years to concieve!


good luck - October 24

way to go Jodi, is the acupuncurist related to your fertility clinic at all or someone entirely separate. My clinic believes in it also but i have yet to try it. They strongly suggest it for ivf patients.


jodi - October 24

completely seperate..As a matter of fact I gave up on my fertility clinic. Am going to a new one this week just in case. I am giving acupuncture until December and then reasses. But It is working better than drugs so far...I have also heard that it greatly increases the success of IVF.


Christine - October 29

I am going to my RE in nov been ttc for three years, they are saying ivf because of block tubes, i dont know if i can afford ivf



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