clomid ?
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tanner789 - October 7

i was put on clomid last month first round50mg days 5-9, i dont think i ovulated b/c i never got two lines on my opk, but i was told that being on clomid should regulate your cycles to at least 28 days. my cycles used to be every 40 days then the month before they started me on clomid i was at day 60, now i'm on day 41 and still havent started af, i had to start provera again to make af start so we'll see, but my question is, why didnt my period become regular, they did increase it to 100 mg once i get af, could it be that some people just dont ovulate on clomid? dr also said we may have to use injections next month if this month doest work, what is that and do i have to give them to myself??


thayward7 - October 7

Hi! Not all women respond to Clomid, but are you getting monitoring while you are taking it to see if your follicles are developing? Then, if you have mature follies, your doctor can get you a trigger shot to make sure that you ovulate (this is a needle you give yourself) - is this what your doctor is talking about? Or switching to injectable fertility drugs? I hope it all works out for you! Smiles and Babydust... T


tanner789 - October 7

no hes taking the firast two monthes as low key no u/s yet. he said if this month didnt work we would do u/s with an injectable along with clomid, have you tried this?


thayward7 - October 7

I had monitoring on all 4 of my cycles on Clomid. This next cycle, I will be doing a combination of Clomid and Repronex (injectable), with monitoring of course. Hopefully, that will do the trick! Smiles and Babydust... T



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