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kelly - May 29

Where do i go to get clomid and does it work?


Kelly - May 30

kelly, I went to the doc to get clomid. I heard you can buy it online, but I would be afraid to take it that way. It has some ugly side effects and you may need to see a doc if you would have a reaction, etc. I don't know I am just funny that way. I wish you the best


Heather - May 30

You really should avoid buying it online. It needs to be monitored. You get it from your dr by prescription.


Drew - May 30

Another lady asked about on-line Clomid, and I'll tell you the same thing I told her. On the Today Show one morning, a lady was on there talking about internet rx. A lot of the drugs on there either are "empty" meaning they are like placebos, or they have something in them that you are not expecting. Kelly and Heather are also right, if you do actually get Clomid, there are things that can happen, like cysts on your ovaries and overstimulation. Please go to the doc to find it. They will do the tests to see if it is right for you. Good luck!



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