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jennvish - August 3

Has anyone had experience taking clomid on different days? 5-9, 3-7, 1-5????? Which seemed to work the best?


mommywannabe - August 3

jennvish-I take clomid on 3-7 and only 3-7 so I can't tell you anything about the others but I believe most docs do the 3-7 unless you have a shorter cycle which would be 1-5 or a longer cycle which would be 5-9, which I believe that's the variation. If I am wrong someone correct me


linds99 - August 3

I read that taking clomid on 3-7 produces more follicles and as a result has a higher success rate. (I was on it last month from 5-9, HCG trigger shot and 2 IUIs and didn't get pregnant)....clomid sometimes causes the egg to not rupture, in about 20% of the cases.


tynadu - August 4

Hi, my first two rounds of clomid was 50mg @ cd5-9 it didn't work that was in 2000. Now I have a RE who put me on 100mg cd5-9 but I decided (please don't try this at home!) to do cd2-6 well I took it @ 10pm on cd2 so I think that really count as cd3


jennvish - August 4

Hi everyone, Thanks for your replies. I tried taking clomid 5-9 the first month and I dont think I O so I'm now going to try on 3-7. I will let you know the outcome. Baby dust!


debbie80 - August 4

Jennvish- My DH and I have been ttc for 16 months now...I had a m/c last summer and in June my doctor prescribed me Clomid which I took on cd5-9 surprising I got pregnant but I just had another miscarrage this week..I just had my d&c...sometimes I wonder if Clomid had something to do with it...I found out at 9 weeks that the baby had no heartbeat....I have read a lot of sucess stories that Clomid works so dont worry...your time will happen...Im just debating if I should take it another time or try natural....good luck to you and baby dust to everyone!


Tracy88 - August 4

Tynadu, I asked my RE if clomid is taken at night, what day that counts as, and he said....for example.....if you are supposed to take it days 3-7 and you take it at night on the third night of your cycle, that is still considered day 3. Did I make any sense??? Good luck!!!


Tracy88 - August 4

Oh, and I took clomid for three cycles days 5-9, I responded well, and was ovulating, but didn't get pg. So the fourth cycle the doc said I should try it on days 3-7, but instead of doing that, I changed doctors and started seeing an RE/fertility specialist. I just had a laparoscopy done, and all kinds of things were going on in there. If clomid does not work for you, move on, because I had NO idea anything was wrong with me until the lap and I would have wasted so much time and energy for nothing. It is no wonder clomid di not work for me. Anyway, I do hope it works for all of you, it did for my sister on her second cycle.


slowpoke01 - August 4

i took clomid days 3-7 in june and had iui it didnt i rested the next cycle and started clomid again this month days 3-7 and this month i will have the trigger shot and follicle growth study so we will see if it works this time.good luck all


tynadu - August 5

Hello All,
Tracy....Ooops, I took it then on cd2 so I guess I am taking clomid cd2-6 I here the chances are better so I hope for the best. I also have a RE I gave up on OB in 2003 he didn't do a 3rd of the test my RE is doing! I am to have a HSG on the 10th. And just a bit about me: I am 29, AF will not come w/o help of meds, My test show I do not O, I have no children but DH has 3, and I may have had one or two early m/c.

Good Luck to all!


Tracy88 - August 5

Tynadu, even if you took it early it is no big deal and hey, maybe it will work better for you that way. I am 36 and TTC #1. I have only been married for year, but we started TTC after DH proposed to me, so it's been about a year and half. I know I can get PG, it's just a matter of when. My laparoscopy revealed moderate endometriosis, cysts on my fallopian tubes, a fibroid, polypoid tissue in the uterus, and lots of extra tissue in the uteran cavity that the doc said could have been getting in the way of the sperm getting through. He said not one of the things he found could be causing infertility, but all of them combined could. He cleaned up in there, and I am now doing a natural cycle, but monitored to see how my body works on its own. I had an ultrasound on Monday, the day before I ovulated, and I had a 20mm follicle on the right and my lining looked great, so we shall see if I get PG on my own this month. Wish me luck please!!!! Good luck to you.


tynadu - August 5

Tracy, with all that you have had done I am sending all my luck to you! I hope this is your month! baby...Baby...BABYDUST*********** all over you. ;-)


Tracy88 - August 5

Thanks and right back at ya!


tynadu - August 5

Hello Ladies, Good Morning!! Its now 10am ET. I hope everyone is well! I am now in cd5 and on day 4 of 100mg clomid. I have been taking it @ 10pm so I have had very few SE. I have also been taking Prenatal and B-6. I plan to use raw garlic and Robi for CM.....BD to all!!!!


Tracy88 - August 5

Sounds like you have a good, solid plan. I am done with all the scheduled baby dancing for this cycle, and am now 3dpo. I have high hopes for this natural cycle, and won't go back to clomid, as it made me nuts, so my next step is injectables once this cycle is done. Glad you are not having any side effects. The worst for me was the bloating, weight gain, and depression. I was very moody. In my TWW, I had sore boobs, cramping, dizziness, and moodiness, topped by the witch showing up late each time. I'm hoping for better things for you guys, as it was not a pleasant experience for me.


Tracy88 - August 5

Tynadu, is your RE monitoring you while doing clomid?


tynadu - August 6

Tracy, yes he is, I am so happy for that, he really cares and want me to have a baby. On the 10th I go for HSG, and he should be calling me next week or the week after for an U/S. I am not sure which cd that is done.



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