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DDS25 - March 4

Hey guys,
I am a new user to this website. I was wondering if anyone had the same experience as me. Im 26 years old, have been trying for about 2 years now. I had 2 pregnancies that resulted in miscarriages. I went to see an infertility specialist and he prescribed Clomid for me. I took it for 3 months, 2 pills, 50 mg each and still no + result. I am very frustrated and very concerned about getting cysts from being on clomid for a long time and not being able to concieve. I am planning on not taking it for the 4th cycle and just stopping altogether. I was wondering if anyone had a similar response and maybe was able to conceive later than 3 cycles on Clomid. Please help !!


Freckles - March 5

I think I might of answered you in the other post. I heard that you shouldnt bother taking it after 6 months as its not going to work for you . I dont know the for SURE its just something that I have read recently. I know that 50 mg is the lowest dose and if you havent Ovulated in years you might need to try a higher dose? Id ask your dr, about it. I will be on the 50 mg as soon as a/f gets here { shes late at the moment} my dr said he doesnt think I will need anything more then that BUT who knows.


Kathy - March 5

Hi DDS25, I am taking Clomid. The first 3 months I was on 50mg. I didn't ovulate. My doctor up'd it to 100mg and I ovulated, finally!!! I am also concerend about getting cysts. I believe you can ask your doctor to do an ultrasound to make sure you don't have any cysts. Like Freckles said, 6 months is usually the max they will prescribe for you. Freckles, praying for a BFP for you. AF is due for me today. Please stay away!! Goodluck to both of you!


Freckles - March 6

Hope you get your bfp Kathy!
Now my dr knows I have a cyst already, now that Im reading more about clomid Im wondering why he wtoe the perscription it says ovarian cysts can get bigger with clomid. hmmm



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