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Freckles - March 3

I just got a perscription for Clomid. I have never been on this before. I got p/g two weeks after trying for my first baby. My second baby took 6 months and now we have been off b/c for a year and nothing. Hormone testing is all normal but I seem to go for a few months without a period then I will get one the next one is on time and then go for a month or so withouth it again.
Im wondering what happened when you took it?


ConfusedMom2B - March 3

Clomid? You got pregnant after 2 weeks of trying? Can you tell me a little bit about this medicine? I would like to try it, because I want to get pregnant with my baby as soon as possible. I haven't brushed up on any of these kind of issues...(Sorry that I didn't answer your question, but I'm interested in Clomid.)


Freckles - March 3

oo no Im sorry I got p/g without taking anything at all with my first two pregnancies. Since I AM having a hard time to get pregnant now the dr gave me clomid.


DD - March 3

Clomid helps you to "ovulate better". If you have anovulatory cycles then clomid can help you to ovulate and become pregnant. I don't believe that clomid will do you any good if you are already pretty regular and ovulating normally. If you have long irregular cycles then I think clomid would be helpful. There are many sources available on many webpages that describe clomid and how exactly it works. ConfusedMom2B, I wouldn't rush to jump on clomid unless you need it. It can have some bad side effects?!?!?! I would ask your doctor.


Freckles - March 3

yah thats my problem at the moment I just went 5 months without a/f at all then I got it,, then it didnt come the next month... its all messed up right now


bump - March 3



Mega - March 3

Good luck, Freckles. Based on your irreg. cycles this time around, Clomid may very well be all you need. Especially since the hormonal testing all came back normal. There are some possible s/e, like hot flashes, mood swings (Clomid meltdowns my friend called them), headaches, but not everyone gets those. I've taken Clomid 6 times (O 5 of those times) & most months I don't get any s/e, but I certainly did my first month. But it didn't last long, you'll get through. Keep us posted.


DDS25 - March 4

I was wondering what are the statistics of getting pregnant after taking clomid for 3 consecutive cycles and no + result. Should I continue taking it for the 4th cycle or should i just stop because of the cysts that Clomid causes.


Freckles - March 5

I have read that if you are not p/g after 6 months on clomid you should stop as its simply not going to work . Thats just what I read from re search I dont know that for sure.
Im wondering if you also monitor your temps. My dr didnt tell me to do that at all, does it matter? All he did was tell me how and when to take it.


pj - March 6

I just did my first cycle of Clomid. My doc advised me follicular monitoring to see its effect. I have pcod. Anyway, follicular monitoring is ultrasound to show if follicles are growing and if ultimately ovulating. Mine seems to have stopped growing, so looks like clomid didnt work for me. and I wont ovulate



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