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hayley - June 3

i have been on clomid for 2 months now but i was due my period 26 may and it has not come i have also been doing my basel body temperature and it has stayed up for 19 days i have done a preg test and it came bk neg any coments wud be great thanks


hallol - June 4

hey hayley.
plz dont get upset . i have been on clomid for two months with ovulation but witout concieving . i went for a fallopian tubes ultra sound which showed a blockage at the ends . i did two hydrant semi operations for the blockage removal , which is very painfull and very in comfortable . now its my first month after the operation and it showed that clomid has helped me ovulating but i got a negative test yesterday.
so do not worry , ask your doctor to check your fallopian tubes , you can never get pregnant if they are blocked.
hope to hear from u
[email protected]


hayley - June 4

cheers, but i have had all that done which came bk normal. which was brillant i do have pcos i have been ttc for 2 half years. i am really confused


Nica - June 4

It sounds like you are pregnant. Sometimes the tests take a while to show a positive reading. Get a blood test.



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