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Jenn - March 27

My doctor put me on clomid as I was not ovulating. I took it the first month and tested positive on the OV predictor test but did not get pregnant. This month my OV test is negative - has anyone else had this experience?


Renee - March 27

Last month (first month on Clomid) I did ovulation predictor tests on days 10-16. It said negative everyday. (I didn't keep testing because the box only had 7 tests.) My blood tests indicated that I did ovulate, and I think I may have ovulated later. I've read that some people's LH surge doesn't last that long and you can actually miss it. Some websites recommended doing the test twice a day. So, you may be ovulating even though the predictor test said no. Is your doctor doing blood tests at the end of the cycle to see if ovulation occurred?


Jenn - March 28

No, my doctor only told me to take the OV predictor tests. She isn't doing blood tests.



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