Clindesse Vaginal Cream
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whitey - October 26

I'm 36 and trying to get pregnant. The nurse gave me a single dose of the "Clindesse", Clindamycin Phosphate Vaginal Cream 2%, which i inserted on Sun. night. It is now Thurs. and i am starting to ovulate and i still have some cream in me. Does anyone know if i can still get pregnant with the cream in me??? Or does it kill the sperm??? Help!


linds99 - October 26

Clindesse I believe is for treating bacterial vaginosis right? Which bacteria are you treating? I know for sure that there is no way you will likely get pregnant with this medication inside you, especially early in the treatment, as it is spread throughout the vaginal canal and is killing off the bacteria, including bacteria in the cervix. If it is powerful to kill of bacteria in the vagina, it most certainly will kill off sperm and prevent good cervical mucous from generating. I would not, however, think it is impossible either. Because there is a chance, maybe that sperm can get through it if your treatment is nearly gone.


whitey - October 26

You are right it is for BV. I was not diagnosed with it and I think the doctor gave it to me to use just in case there is an infection. It is not for sure that i have one. She knew that i was trying to get pregnant . It is a single use dosage and she told me that it would only stay in my vagina for 3 days. This is the fourth day and the digital ovulation test reads that my LH has surged.


linds99 - October 26

Thank God she diagnosed you and is taking precautions to get rid of it, if in fact you do have it. Sounds like you have a good doctor. If you feel like it is all out of you today, I don't think it would hurt to have relations and try. You know, a side story, my good neighbor, who also is having a hard time conceiving told me last month she recently found out she had some bacteria called gardnerella (I don't know the spelling), but she probably had this for a while, and it spread to her upper reproductive tract, causing PID. So she was so pissed her doctor didn't diagnose her with it right away and now she thinks it has compromised her fertility by it because she has since been unable to get pregnant. She already has one child, but has been trying for about 3 years now. I bring this up because if you do in fact have had BV, and it doesn't happen for you after a while, I would encourage you to get your tubes checked to make sure they haven't been affected by it. Good luck!


whitey - October 26

Thanks for your response and support!!! I'm off to have relations!!



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