Clearblue Ovulation Test
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ConfusedMom2B - February 28

Has anyone used these? I am just wondering, because I ordered 7 sticks, and I paid 30 bucks for them... and every single time no other line. I'm wondering if they actually even work, because I've been having some signs of ovulation... but the stick says no. I don't understand. Can anyone help me out with this situation?


B - February 28

I used the clear blue digital ones that give you a smiley face and they worked great. Not sure about the other ones.
Good luck


Megan - February 28

I use the CB OPKs and I love them. I get two days of positives since I've been using them. FYI - $30 is a lot to pay for 7 sticks. Target had them for less than $20 and I'm sure Walmart has them for even cheaper. Are you testing too early in your cycle?


ConfusedMom2B - March 1

See, I stopped taking birth control about 7 months ago, but decided to try to get pregnant recently.. and it was kind of a spur of the moment type thing, and I haven't really had a month to count the days to tell if I'm on a 28 day cycle or not. I bought the same sticks for 14 on ebay. I guess I'll just keep trying! :(


babyloves2play - March 1

Hi, I'm really starting to not like clearblue ovulation tests. Last month I used the cheaper brand and had two days that were positive. This month I decided to try the more expensive clearblue and I've been completely disappointed with them. On cd18 and have yet to see a positive result. I've been testing since cd 11. I thought you would have an LH surge regardless of whether you ovulate or not. So I'm confused too. You can get clearblue ovulation tests for $18 @ Walmart. I'm going back to Answer ovulation tests...they only cost $11. Good luck!!!


Pinky - March 1

I brought CVS brand for $ 15.99. I think it's work fine. I am getting same color line one day and next day faith line becomes darker than control. So, It's kind of advance notice.



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