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hara2326 - August 9

how's everybody doing? hope the answer is fine, well i wanted to know has anyone tried the clearblue easy ovulation kits because here is my problem, okay the instructions says 32 day cycle test on day 15 which would be today but istarted testing since monday so tuesday i had 2 dark lines and that was day 14 but today on the day i am suppose to test one line was dark( reference line) and the other line( l.h. surge line) was very light i could barely see it, now i am so confused because why would i have a dark line on the day i wasnt suppose to test but on the day i am suppose to test, i had a light line if anyone else has ever run into this situation if so could you please give me some input.


lovemy3 - August 9

I'm not for sure but I think those are a guideline and our bodies don't always do the "typical" thing and thats why getting pregnant can be so tricky. When the kit says you have a surge, you have a surge. Good luck.


hara2326 - August 10

thank you lovemy3 i appreciate you commenting back to me. thanks for the luck i need it my fiancee and i have been tryin for quite some time now.


Tammy276 - August 11

yeah, what they tell you is definately just a guideline...every woman is different. you may have a 32 day cycle, but you may ovulate on day 13 or 14 instead of day 15...everyone is different. It is always best to start testing a few days before you think you are going to O, just incase you O early or something....Good luck and I hope you got some bd'ing in!!


hara2326 - August 12

hey thanks for the post i tested yestrday too and my surge line was not as dark as the reference line but today the lines were EXACTLY THE SAME!! i am so excited because i am ovulating anyone can answer this i detected it today i should start having sex tonight and tomorrow to increase my chances of getting pregnant? if so as soon as i get off of work i am going to tear my fiancee up!!!


Tammy276 - August 12

I would have some luvin for the next 3 days, just to make sure you cover your basis!! Good luck as you are entering into the dreaded 2ww now!! Babydust to you.


hara2326 - August 12

thanks for the luck tammy276 i really hope it happens this month ive been trying for a little while now. i am excited but the next couple of wks are going to be stressful just thinking about did it happen or not let me ask you a question tammy276 when is the best time, well rather what is the best date to take a pregnancy test?



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