Clearblue Fertility Monitor
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Jenny K. - July 27

Has anyone ever tried the clearblue fertility monitor. Does it really work as well as it sounds like it does.


Terrie - August 3

Hi Jennie K. I've used the CBE monitor. I've heard it worked for some people, but for me I was better off just using the OPK. The OPK tests are just easier as far as only having to do them once or twice (if you know approx. when you are ovulating) where the CBE monitor you're committed for about 14 days I think. I used the OPK for the last time on January 15th...said I'd ov. within 24-36 hours - my dh and I bd for the next few days. I am now pg and due in october (but trust me, it wasn't that simple - we DID try for 2 years before that). Good luck to you!!!


linds99 - August 3

I use the CBE monitor (for the last 8 months). It does work for me, (the first few times the monitor gets to "know" you and your cycle better so you don't have to start testing so early. I usually start testing now based on the adjustment made by the monitor by about cycle day 9 or 10. I pee in a cup and dip the sticks in the cup instead of holding them in the first morning urine stream because I have read that it detects LH better that way. Anyway, I enjoy the ease of the monitor and feel "relieved" when I see the Peak egg every month, because at least I know I have gotten there. The sticks are a bit expensive, but if you buy them on-line, they are like $40 instead of $50 at the pharmacy.



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