CLEARBLUE EASY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Anna - August 9

I don't know what to think now! A bfn on my HPT this morning. But the faint +++ are still on the other test. My ovaries are really sore and my abdomen feels full with mild cramping, like before an af. I feel like I could start my af any time now. But I haven't started yet. So there may be some hope. If I don't get af by the end of this week, I'm going to retest, again. What a bummer! Oh, and I used the First Response all the times I tested. chicks and merlee, thanks for your encouragement! merlee, how are you feeling? chicks is right-it does sound very promising for you this month! Have you tested yet? Let me know when you do! My fingers will be crossed for you! ckicks, how are you doing? Any sign of O'ing yet? My DH and I were, also, not supposed to start trying until later so I could get PG in October. Thank goodness we didn't wait! I'd be right there with you-old, wrinkled and pregnant! (nothing mean towards the elderly) So here's hoping that we'll be hanging over the porcelain goddess every morning, having our DH massage our charlie horses every night, going to the grocery store at two in the morning for pickles and ice cream atleast twice a week, admiring our ever growing bellies, and looking forward to the blessed event! All this by the end of the year!!! I believe it will happen! Loads of ***BABY DUST*** to all three of us! LOL!


merlee - August 9

Hi ladies! Today is 8 dpo and temp went up again by .2. I really don't want to get my hopes up b/c they ALWAYS get dashed. DH has a weird schedule and is gone 6 days, home 3, gone 5 days, home 1, etc. I just never really know. I don't want to take clomid b/c it is supposed to help you produce mature follicals to release eggs (injectables trigger you to O, if you don't). I know I already O, that is not my problem. Which means there is some other problem. If I don't get preg with one egg after 34 months, what would make them think I would get preg with 3-4 eggs. I think that my body is telling me that it is not capable of carrying a baby for some reason and I have to find that reason. And it wouldn't matter if I released 100 eggs, I still couldn't carry it. I am working on finding the reason and trying to fix it without all those silly doctors who just take my money and tell me "sorry" and want to schedule more u/s when everything looks fine. I don't mean to say that clomid won't help others I just don't think it will help me at this time. So maybe I will be preg this month and it won't matter anymore. That would mean that I finally found the problem and fixed it myself. Thank you for the suggestion though, I don't mean to go off on you. I just would really like to get to the bottom of all this and have a baby! I really enjoy this forum and the wonderful women I have met here. I pray for you all to get your wish of a baby.


merlee - August 9

Anna, don't give up hope, yet. Wait (I know it is hard) 2 days and test again. I can't wait to hear that it is BFP again!


Chicks - August 10

Hi Anna! Sorry to hear about the BFN.. But, as Merlee said, don't get discouraged yet, it's still pretty early for anything to show up on an HPT yet.. I have heard that that kind of cramping that you're having with no AF is a good thing.. Could be implantation cramps.. Here's hoping for the end of the week! I'm looking forward to hearing about your next test! As for me, no O, no AF. I don't know what to do now.. You'd think that the Metformin would at least get my cycles back on track but it's just not happening.. I'm not giving up, it's just that the more time goes on, the more that I'm worried that there is something else wrong that they're not seeing.. Thanks for the laugh in the post you gave back to me! LOL! I was imagining us old and wrinkled and preggo.. HA HA! Good one.. I feel like I can't wait to have all those symptoms that you were describing as awful as they may be because that means that it's real! LOL! Take care and let me know when you take the next one! BABY DUST...


Chicks - August 10

Hi Merlee! How you doing? Don't worry, I didn't think you were coming down on me.. Just explaining how you feel.. Nothing wrong with that! If we didn't do that every once in a while, we'd burst! LOL! Anyways, how long have your temps been up? How long until AF? The fact that your temps are staying high for a good period of time is a great thing! Maybe this just is your time. I understand everything you were saying about your eggs.. If you had 3-4, they still wouldn't take.. Have you gotten an HSG yet to check your tubes? I'm sure that you have by now though.. The reason that I ask is that a friend of mine had that problem and they found out that both of her tubes were blocked so they had to put dye in and unblock them and she became preggo 2 months after the procedure. But, from what you're telling me about the temps, things sound good! I'm hoping and praying for you this month that you get what you want and so richly deserve. I've been trying to chart my temps but I can't figure it out. There is no consistency with the numbers.. OPK's are just as confusing. On days where my temp is higher, the OPK's in the evening don't show anything. I'm confused with this whole thing. I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually.. Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger right? Take care and let me know how things are progressing!


Anna - August 10

Thanks, chicks and merlee, for the encouragement! I'm still cramping on and off, but no af. I woke up this morning and had to make a mad dash for the bathroom as I felt that I was going to start NOW! But nothing! Plus, my stomach has been in turmoil since yesterday. Food isn't settling too well. But it's not a nausea thing-more of a stomach cramping/expecting diarrhea to start thing. No diarrhea as of yet. The only other encouraging thing( besides no af) is that I found out that my mother and sisters all got the same thing when they got PG-abdominal cramping and feeling like af was going to start. So that gave me some hope! But it's not over until the af rears her ugly head! I'm retesting Friday morning. I do have a question. If I ovulated on the 30th, should I go by 14 days after that day for my expected period. I had been going by a "normal" 28 day cycle since I didn't know what my cycle would be like. That would mean that my af was due on the 8th. If I go by my O'ing day, then my af wouldn't be due until the 13th. Confused? I am! LOL! What do you girls think? merlee, I'm so excited for you! I can't wait for you to post your BFP announcement soon! You really sound like you may be PG! Fingers crossed! chicks, have your doctors tried you on Clomid? I know that there are a lot of women with PCOS that are on Clomid. I know that it's probably more involved-ultrasound, ovulation injection, blood work, etc..., but maybe that would work better. Oh, how long do you have to stay on the Metformin? Is it an everyday all month thing or a few days out of your cycle thing? Good luck and keep me posted girls! ***BABY DUST***


Chicks - August 10

Hi Anna! That sounds really promising, let's hope she doesn't show her ugly face! My guess would be that your calculations are correct.. I believe that you should go with the 13th date if you wanted to try and figure it out. I'm sorry that I can't be much help but I'm just as confused as you are! LOL! I haven't even O'd yet (BBT nor OPK's are showing any surge) so confusion sets in. The doctor hasn't tried me on Clomid yet because he wants to see if the Met will work eventually. He told me to come back after two months, therefore after two periods. Well, it usually helps if you have one which I haven't had! LOL! I have to wait until I've had two in a row. Weird eh? He prescribed me 1000 pills at 500 mgs a piece and I'm to take three pills a day everyday of my stinkin life (HA HA Can you tell I love taking them?) Good luck to you girl! All the best to you and let me know on Friday what happens if I don't hear from you before then.. Take care!


merlee - August 11

Hi, ladies. Well, it doesn't look good for me this month. I started spotting brownish/watery on 9dpo, which is pretty normal for me. Every month is the same! With nothing to show for it. Okay, enough about me. Anna, if you have a "normal" cycle, you should O 14 days before AF (that is what the doc's go by), so if you think this is it (and I do!) you should probably wait til 14 days after you O'd to count as "late". Your symptoms sound really promising! Sending you loads of ~Baby Dust~!! Chicks - how long have you been taking metformin? I have read some posts here that some women O by themselves in just days, others it may take a couple of months, and some need clomid on top the metformin. But it sounds like you are on the right track! Good luck to you both. Oh, yes chicks, I had an HSG about 2 yrs ago and everything looked great, RE doesn't believe I have endo so no LAP (Yipee!), DH sperm is not the best but it should not be the problem (as per 3 doc's opinion). So, we just pray our little hearts out and have faith that it is meant to be, just not today. Thank you both for the encouragement.


mg - August 11

My period was late this month and I also used the Clearblue test and I too got a faint blue line. Hopes were up and then the heart sank the next morning when my period arrived. wish I had read your notice early.
wish you all the best.


Anna - August 11

mg, sorry about your disappointment with the false +++ test! I have, actually, found a lot of forums where women are constantly getting false +++ with that test. One woman, who got several false positives, had her husband use one and he got a +++ too! Those tests sound pretty reliable, don't they!? (note sarcasm. LOL) Hope everything goes better for you this time around! Well girls, no af yet but still mild cramping off and on. And it's so random. It just comes and goes as it pleases. I was noticing that moving around seemed to help relieve it a little, but then this morning at the grocery store(I got this major craving for yummy angel creme filled, chocolate covered donuts) I started getting it, again. I'm just hoping my body's not playing tricks on me and getting my hopes up just to be dashed by a bfn HPT. I'm going to wait out the rest of the day and if no af, test this evening and/or in the morning. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers! How are you girls? merlee, any good news from your way? Could be implantation spotting? You never know. I didn't think I had a chance of getting PG this cycle, but here I am waiting to test! I have confidence that your time is just around the corner! chicks, that sounds like a lot of pills to take! What a bummer! But it will all be worth it when your holding that little bundle of joy in your arms! Well, I'll let you both know what happens when I test. I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. I'm just praying for a bfp today! ***BABY DUST*** to you girls!


merlee - August 11

Anna, I crave those donuts all the time! But maybe it means early sign for you! That's funny (and a little disturbing) that the man got a pos with the clearblue "crap". I'm hoping and praying and sending loads of ~Baby Dust~ your way Anna. I think I'm out of the running this month. BBs pain has decreased and spotting is the same as it is every month. It seems to be a little early this month, though. Maybe I really did O earlier than FertilityFriend said. Chicks, how are you handling the met? Any side effects yet? Keep us posted.


Chicks - August 12

Hi Anna! Sorry for the delay, I took a couple of last minute days off from work to relax a little bit and take my mind off everything.. Wow Anna, I think you have a really good chance this month! And, the cravings starts already.. LOL! I feel for your husband! Hopefully he can go without sleep in the middle of the night to go and get your pickles and ice cream.. LOL! Just joshin.. Yeah, it is a lot of pills to take, but you are right. Once I'm holding my little bundle of joy (I get excited just thinking about it actually happening to me) it will all be worthwhile and all the pain will diminish into pure happiness! Hey, you never know, DH's birthday was yesterday and by the looks of my OPK, I may have gotten my first positive EVER. Maybe his birthday was a good day all around! ;-) Hey, did you test this morning or are you going to wait until the end of the weekend? Keep me posted and take care!


Chicks - August 12

Hi MG! Welcome to this post.. I'm really glad that you decided to post your experience with this test. And, as Anna said, I have read many instances where this test had given someone a false positive. And, I neglected to tell everyone that I too had my husband do a test and he's preggo too! LOL! I am on a mission to bring this test to it's knees and make everyone understand what a horrible crappy test this is. I think what their thought is is that people will look at the positive on the test, think to themselves, "oh, in a couple of days, I'll test again" so therefore, they sell another test for $12.00, person sees yet another faint positive and decides to try another brand only to get a negative. Then, it's put into their brains that that test must be right because it gave them a positive where no other test would so they go back to it only to find out that they're not pregnant. To me, it's sounds like a sell-tactic. Anyways, to get to the point, I am so sorry that you had to go through the horrible experience of Clearblue crap.. It should never happen to anyone and unfortunately happens all the time with this test. Take care and hope you get the real BFP soon! Lots of baby dust to you..


Chicks - August 12

Hi Merlee! Aw sweetie, don't give up yet.. It ain't over until AF rears her ugly head! (which hopefully won't happen..) The Met is OK now, I still get a little dizzy every now and again and I still get a little nauseous once in a while but it's OK now. It wasn't very good in the beginning though. It's very hard on the system. Most people start off at 500 mgs a day (1 pill) and gradually increase the dose but my doctor immediately put me on 1000 mgs and after a week, had me up to 1500 mgs. So, I really had a lot of side-effects right off the bat. I threw up a couple of times, dizzy like crazy (had to find somewhere to sit down once when I was shopping because I thought that I was going to faint) feeling just sick to my stomach pretty much all the time, headaches, etc. But, luckily, those symptoms only lasted for a month. I'm going to tell you too, I got a BFP on my OPK last night! I cried when I saw it because that's the first time that I've ovulated on my own throughout this whole year that we've been trying. I was just so excited, I whipped it out as soon as DH got home from work and he was extremely happy. We DTD last night (his birthday, he made a wish that we would get pregnant soon, how sweet) and will be BD'ing for the next four days. After that, I'll be on the 2ww to see if it works! I'm not missing this for the life of me! LOL! Good luck sweetie and keep me posted on your situation and I will keep you posted as well. Please don't give up hope though, if we don't have hope and prayer, we don't have anything! I'll be thinking of you.. Take care!


Been There - August 12


Don't let the possible breakthrough signs discourage you. I have secondary fertility issues, meaning, I have two children but I've been trying for 19 months for a 3rd. I had similar concerns in that it took me 2 years to conceive my second child. Believe me, it's hard to deal with each time you try, so I know where you're all coming from.

Anyway, back to my point. With both my daughters, AF showed up and it seemed it was there to stay. I'd say very apparent for up to 8 hours. But it was only breakthrough, and still I was pregnant. So don't throw in the towel until you see things for more than a day. Even after that, you keep strong and keep trying.


merlee - August 13

Chicks, Wow that is great. I am so happy that it is working for you. I know you will be next on the list of moms. Thanks for the words of encouragement Been There and Chicks. Today I have been having really bad cramps (12 Aleeves in 2 hrs.) and still spotting brownish/watery discharge. I will be really suprised if I don't start tomorrow. My temp went down .4 yesterday and another .1 today. DH should be home tomorrow nite or Sunday. I hate that I will be spending that time with AF but I am really looking forward to being with him. Maybe by then I will be feeling better, yucky today.



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