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Anna - November 4

chicks, girls still here? Just wanted to check up on you two and see how things were going your way. Anything new? I hope both of you are doing well! Not much to report for me. Just getting a little bigger each day. I'm 15 weeks 2 days now. I can feel the baby moving! Getting my appetite back, but still having some indigestion and occasional nausea. Everything is going good so far and hopefully will stay that way. Post me if you girls are still around! *baby dust*


chicks - November 4

Hey Anna! Yeah, sorry it's been a while.. Busy as sin! I have appointments almost every night, three times a week with by gyn (every single time he's doing bloodwork to test for hormone levels) He makes me laugh because he calls me a tough case. He doesn't understand my system whatsoever and it's frustrating him so now he's on a mission. I just went yesterday and he said that he sees a follicle that may be growing which is kind of exciting because he's never seen that out of me before.. Maybe the prometrium did the trick.. Let's hope so. But nothing new other than that.. Glad to hear from you though! You must be loving the way that feels with the baby moving around a little bit.. Wait until he/she starts laying right on your bladder and kicking you right in the ribs! LOL! So I've heard, I have no prior experience, only comments from others.. LOL.. But, that's what they've said! Glad to hear from you and I'll try to write back more often. To D.Brown, hi sweetie! Glad you could join us.. I'm glad that I could help at least a couple of women not make the same mistake I did, and get heartache after heartache.. Thanks so much for the baby dust! I'm sending TONS AND TONS your way! Are you willing to give me some history about your situation? How long have you been trying? Any fertility issues? Just curious I guess.. We women on these boards want to get to know the other women who think enough about the person writing the post and their situation to actually spend the time to write back. Thanks so much for that and hopefully we will talk to you soon! Take care of yourself.. Merlee, where'd you go darlin? Hope all is good with you.. Tracy and Jodi.. Any updates from your end? Hopefully you ladies have good news for us! Write back soon k?


Anna - November 5

chicks, glad to hear from you! Do you have a new md or the old one? It sounds like this md is taking you seriously and really wants to help you. That's awesome! Hopefully, he'll be able to figure out what's going on and help you get pregnant very soon! Keep me posted about your little follicle! By the way, I'm already experiencing the whole bladder thing! I'm peeing more often. The other day I had to pee four times in five hours! And this is only the end of the fourth month! (sigh) I've got a lot of bathroom trips ahead of me, but I'm not complaining. Anyway, it's good to hear from you and keep me posted! *baby dust* :)


Tracy - November 5

Chicks-I am well, thanks for asking! The metformin didn't agree with me very well at first. I was light-headed, nauseous and was always running to the bathroom (TMI sorry). But I went from a week of taking 500mg/day, to a week of 1000mg/day and tomorrow I start 1500mg/day and I stay on that dosage until I see my doctor in January. But in under 2 weeks I have lost about 7-8lbs not doing anything different other than taking metformin! It is shocking how much insulin resistance could affect my body and how getting it under control is helping so much already. It is sooo frustrating that it took 4 doctors before I found one who truly understands PCOS and wanted to help me. Good luck to everyone else... Chicks... how much Metformin are you on? Anna-we love hearing your pregnancy experiences... It is sooo exciting for you!


chicks - November 6

Hi Anna! Glad to hear from you too.. Yep, lots of loo trips coming up for you but as my friend says, it's all good! LOL.. I just went again this morning to the doctor as well as yesterday morning (i'm going 3-4 times a week now) and he said that the little follicle is now about 22 millimetres. Wow, I've never had that before.. He was going to give me an injectible this morning to get that follicle to grow and release but he said that there was no need because it looks like I'm going to do it on my own.. YAY! I'm so happy about that, it's ridiculous.. He did a post-coital test while I was there as there was some action last night.. ;-) But, the results were not good. He only saw a few swimming around there. But, it was kind of a different situation last night because I don't think he was all the way in, and he wasn't sure if he even orgasmed (sorry, TMI..) so I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it or not. So, we'll be sure to get busy tonight, whether I had to do it "old-style" and stand on my head! LOL! Glad to hear everything's going good for you.. Pregnancy is progressing along right on schedule.. I forgot to tell you in my last post not to worry about telling us things that you're feeling.. We love hearing about that stuff! I'm sure you'd be just as happy for one of us if the tables were reversed, so we are all happy about your pregnancy! Write back soon! Hi Tracy! Thanks for responding, it's nice to hear from you again.. I was started on 1000 mgs and then after 7 days, moved up to 1500 mgs, so I guess from the consensus on this board, I may have been fast-tracked a little bit.. Yeah, I too had the nausea, vomiting, lots of #2's, tired, just nasty feelings all together. That's funny, I've lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks too! Good for you on the weight loss! I don't think mine is from the Met, even though I've been on it for 5 months now.. Yeah, you just have to bear with the side effects as unfortunate as it is.. My side-effects lasted for about a month straight, but thank goodness it's over! Anyways, right back soon and glad that you're doing good! Take care ladies and baby dust to you Tracy!


Tracy - November 12

Chicks, I hope that things are going well for you. I have been crazy busy at work so sorry that I haven't replied before now. I was wondering... have you found that the Metformin not only causes GI upset, but queasiness, and heartburn? I have... And I have this gross taste of metal or something that I get in my mouth every now and again, especially in the evenings. YUCK! Oh well... it's a small price to pay. I was just wondering how the Metformin affects other people. At first I lost close to 10Lbs but that has tapered off. Let me know how you are doing. Is the post-coital test very embarrassing?


chicks - November 12

Hi Tracy! Nice to hear from you again.. Wow, the symptoms that you're having I don't think are typical of Metformin.. Have you taken a pregnancy test? Every symptom that you're having including the metal taste in your mouth may be early pregnancy signs.. How long have you been on it? How many DPO are you if any? It could be part of the Met, but I don't remember reading anything about having a metalic taste with it.. I'm doing OK and thanks for asking! Just on what I hope is the 2WW.. Dr's not sure that I ovulated but he's about 75% sure as he's been monitoring me very closely.. Yes, the PCT is a little embarassing but I suppose going through childbirth with 15 people all staring at you in one spot is probably worse.. LOL! It's not so bad but they have to open you up with the metal duck beak as I like to call it (I know, much TMI.. lol..) and take a swab (almost like getting a PAP) and then he puts it under a microscope to look at how many fellows he sees roaming around.. Did your doctor tell you that maybe he would like to try that? Let me know how you're doing! I hope all is well.. HUGSSSSS to you my dear, and all the baby dust in the world!


Tracy - November 13

Chicks... Metal Duck Beak... too funny! LOL!!! I was wondering about early pregnancy symptoms as well... but figured maybe the metallic taste is from the Tums I have been eating like candy lately from the heartburn... I am unsure since before starting the Metformin I almost never had heartburn. I admit that I am nauseous sometimes, but not as bad as when I started the Metformin. But I could never be lucky enough to be pregnant this easily... Well I say easily. I went off the pill in April... no period from then until now (not surprising-I would go a year or more between periods until going on the pill in my early 20's). I had an U/S, and an MRI to monitor my PCOS and I also have a dermoid cyst on my right ovary. I finally went to see a good fertiltiy doctor on October 21st. He started me on Met and a new birth control pill. I began both on the 22nd. So actually tomorrow is the first day of not taking a 'pill'. It's been 3 full weeks. I suppose if the Met worked at jump starting my lumpy ovaries right off... it is possible that I'm pregnant. But highly unlikely. But I will tell you-- since we are sharing TMI stories... the thing that made me think possible pregnancy thoughts is that all of a sudden I started having a lot of vaginal discharge (yuck-sorry)... like AF came early, but she hadn't. Strange. But maybe it's a side effect of the new BC pills. I'll keep you posted. I am not getting my hopes up though because I would never be so lucky. Thanks so much for your thoughts and support though. I wish you all the luck in the world with your 2WW. You are such a caring person it is obvious that you will make a wonderful mother... hopefully soon! *loads of baby dust to you and everyone who needs it*


chicks - November 13

Hi Tracy! That's probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.. Thank you so much for believing that I will make a good mother.. You too are extremely caring and have a wonderful heart.. I can tell just by the things that you write.. I've made many wonderful e-friends on here but only few stand out as much as you.. Thank you again. I believe that you will make a fantastic mother as well! So, I am confused though.. Why did the doctor put you back on BCP's? Did he think that that might straighten your cycle out? Dr did that for me months ago for that reason so I'm assuming that he's doing that with you for the same reason.. I have to say though, we sound very similar which is probably why we get along so well.. I too have PCOS and "lumpy ovaries" LOL.. And, I never had a period when I got off the pill, and I'm on Metformin too.. Was I understanding right? You are done taking Met? That's kind of strange if that's the case because I've been on it for 5 months and I still have another 7 months worth of pills prescribed to me.. If you are off of it now, how long were you on it? Maybe I am misunderstanding the situation.. As for the discharge, possibility of implantation spotting.. Is it mucous tinged with brown/pink? It's hard to say.. It could be a withdrawl from the pill, or it could be implantation.. I too pop a lot of Tums but have never gotten a metallic taste in my mouth. Very strange. Well, quite honestly, Metformin has worked on quite a few ladies in the first month taking it.. You never know sweetie! Keep "positive" thoughts! LOL.. Keep in touch sweetie and keep your head up! You can never know what will happen in this crazy TTC game.. Take care of yourself and write me soon! ****Love and Hugs**** and whirlwinds of ***baby dust***!


Tracy - November 13

Chicks... You are very sweet and of all of the posts that I have read from this site, yours always stand out as some of the most supportive...
Now as for me... I am still taking the Met-1500mgs/day. Just this is my 'off' week for the BCP's. Actually my doctor put me back on the pill because he was wanted to do laparscopic surgery and remove the dermoid cyst that is on my right ovary. He was going to schedule it for January, but instead I suggested waiting until Jan and then I'll see him again and we'll book surgery. I was just hoping to lose some weight first, since I work at a Vet clinic and I know how abdominal surgery is never easy on overweight patients. He was in no huge rush to remove the dermoid cyst. He put me on BCP again since I hadn't had a period in about 6 months and he was hoping that it would help alleviate some of the cysts and side effects of them until we get the surgery out of the way. So I guess we'll just see what happens in the next few days! My Dr did also mention that even if I wasn't wanting to TTC he'd still put me on Metformin for the insulin resistance, and I'll likely be on it forever. Thanks for the well wishes and Baby Dust! Back at ya! I'll keep you posted!


Tracy - November 13

Oh yes... Today is my first day of no BCP for the week... the discharge has been around for the last 3-4 days that I have really noticed... Clear to milky white... Thats it... Sorry really TMI!!! Likely from BCP I think... trying not to get too excited... been there done that... it sucks BIG TIME!!! It's just strange since I wasn't even looking for any symptoms since I am on the pill again. But it can likely all be explained by the new brand of BCP and Metformin.


Tracy - November 20

Chicks... I was right, AF did end up coming this week. I am not sure if it's the fact that I was off BC and didn't have a period for 6 months or because I am on a new pill now, or a combination of both or what... but this has been the mother of all terrible painful HEAVY periods... Oh well... almost through it now...
How are things with you?


Amanda - December 5

hey ladies..this is my first time on the forum..and i have to say that i have read each and every comment on this page, because it looked very interesting..Anna-i want to say CONGRATS, it seemed like u have had a very long hard road among other in here that i want to wish everyone in here good luck with their ttc..i am in some what of the same situation myself..i was diagnosed with fibroid sisks in 1999, in six years ive only had that one attack in 99. ive been with my current bf for over 2 years, here recently for about eight months we have been ttc. normally all of my periods have been regualr all my life since ive started my period, heavy and full 7 days..well in october i had a regular period..then at the end of oct i start to bleed and did for one day. that day in oct that i did bleed for was on the 31st, then nov 26th, i thought i started, well i did bleed for two and a half im not really for sure whats going on with me..i have had a few signs, (i think)..ive had heartburn, and sleepy, and like a pulling streching feeling in my lower abd, and hips..i dont know..if anyone has any advice for me..please post it..and i wish all of you ladies the best of luck there is possible with trying to conieve.



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