CLEARBLUE EASY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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chicks - August 4

Please, I beg any of you out there trying to conceive.. DO NOT USE THIS TEST!!! Stay as far away from it as humanly possible.. I have been trying for a year and this test has given me 6 faint positives and not once have I been pregnant. DO NOT USE THIS TEST UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR HEART BROKEN LIKE I HAVE TIME AND TIME AGAIN.. Just a word to the wise.. I would hate to see anyone else go through the same thing as me.. I will never ever use this test again and I will be letting everyone know what I have been through.. Take care everyone and baby dust to all! And, if you could, please send some my way because I really need it right now.. Frustrated and very upset because I just got off the phone with the doctor right now after yet another negative blood test after a positive HPT from Clearblue...


Anna - August 4

Sorry, about all the disappointments you have had to go through! :( I'm sure it must have been hard for you to get that bfp and find out it was a negative. I'll be sure to stay away from that test as I will be testing here soon. I'll be sticking with first response early because I've heard that it is very accurate. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers as you continue ttc. Good luck! Sprinkling some***BABY DUST***your way!


chicks - August 4

Hi Anna! Sorry if I sounded so dramatic in my post, I just got off the phone with the clinic just before posting.. I just hate the fact that you can get positives (faint but there) and then go to the doctor all happy (as we've been TTC for a year) only to have them tell you you have an HCG level of "0".. This has happened on 3 seperate occasions with this test.. Don't quite know how that's possible, but I've been doing quite a bit of research over the past little while and it seems as though Clearblue is infamous for this.. Any of the +/- tests.. I think you'll be good with the FRED test. They're not known to have false positives. Thanks so much for your kind words right now, they couldn't have come at a better time because I was actually just stewing in my misery and just about to cry until I read your post. Thanks so much to you! I really hope you get the BFP you've been looking for! Please let me know when you test. You will be in my thoughts as well, and I send LOADS of baby dust your way! HUGS....


Anna - August 4

Hey chicks! Glad my words could lift your spirits a little! Hopefully, you'll have some good news to share soon, I'll probably be testing on the 6th. I don't know if it's too early, but it can't hurt to see if a positive comes up. I'm really nervous, though, that I'm going to be disappointed, again! I'm pretty sure I ovulated and BD'ed on the right days. Sooo...we'll see.***BABY DUST***


merlee - August 5

chicks, I'm sorry for your emotional rollercoaster! How cruel! I have never even had the chance to test, much less have a positive. But I will not buy ClearBlue Easy, after your experience. Thanks for warning the rest us. Hopefully next month will be yours. ~~Baby Dust~~


Chicks - August 5

To Anna: Thanks so much again, I was edge yesterday, today is a little better.. I have a little better outlook than I did before.. The whole world is not out to punish me today! LOL! If I can share my countless disappointments with this test, at least maybe it will save someone else from going through this.. You have to let me know what happens on the 6th! I'll be dying to know.. How many DPO will you be by then? How long have you been TTC? Tell me a little more about yourself..
To Merlee: Hi sweetie! Are you the same Merlee that's posted on the other subjects? If so, how are you holding up? I'm glad that I was able to maybe help your decision when you go need to go buy a test. My suggestion would be the digital. Unmistakeable that's for sure!
Anyways ladies, thanks for your support and write back soon! ****BABY DUST TO BOTH OF YOU****


Anna - August 5

Hey chicks! Hope your feeling better today! I should be 8 dpo on the 6th. Maybe that's too early to have a positive test, but I'm so impatient that I might as well just try and see. Ok, I'll make my long story as short and unboring as possible. Was on BC for 4 years for irregular, unpredictable af...went off BC beginning of May to af for over 60 days... had to take Provera to get af and hopefully kick cycles back into gear. I got a (or atleast I hope)positive OPK on the 29th and a really dark one on the 30th, some ewcm for almost a week during that time, I was breaking out all over from the 29th to the 3rd or 4th, and I've been having mild ovary pains off and on for the past several days. Oh, I, also, got some cervical cramping/tightening on the 30th several times. It's not painful(just uncomfortable) but feels like my cervix is tightening up or cramping-not sure. The only time I ever get that is the day before or day or so after af starts. Kinda odd for me. So here I am playing the waiting game and hoping for a positive. If my cycle is crazy this time, I'm going to have my OB/GYN check me for PCOS. It might be a possibility, but not sure. My only s/s are irregular af and acne when off BC. I'm hoping that I don't have it! What's your story? Enjoy talking to you! Have a great day! ***BABY DUST***


merlee - August 6

chicks, yes I have been on this forum about 2 months and have found it to be very helpful. I have learned a lot about medications and treatments and tests. I have been ttc for almost 3 yrs now and still hoping and believing it will happen soon! Glad to see you posting again.


Anna - August 6

Well, I wasn't patient enough to wait until this morning. So I took an HPT yesterday afternoon. I got a bfn. But I'm pretty sure that if I'm PG, then it's too early to show up yet. My positive OPK was on the 29th, so I probably would have O'ed on the 30th or 31st at the latest. If that's the case, then I would only be about seven or eight days along. I'm going to wait a day or so and retest. Hoping for a bfp!***BABY DUST***


chicks - August 7

Hi Anna! Sorry, it's been a crazy weekend.. Had to pick my parents up at the airport and had them stay until yesterday evening. Hubby and I wanted to be alone together so we took our bikes down to the lakeshore and went for a bike ride and stopped for some ice cream.. Definately a nice ride! Anyways, yes, it probably was too early to get a BFP but from all my research on symptoms and OPK's, you're sounding like you're ovulating which is a great sign especially seeing as you are irregular. I think things sound pretty positive for you (no pun intended.. LOL!) due to all the symptoms that you are starting to have. Here's hoping that AF won't show her ugly face! I would test the day that you are supposed to get your period and if that's a BFN, then still wait and do it again a couple of days later. But, you're impatient which I understand, I'm exactly the same way ;-) so you may just want to take one every second day if you can afford it. My story is that I was on BCP's for 10 years and had to go on them because I bled for 8 months straight! YIKES.. So, no investigations were done as to the reason why so I was shoved onto the pill. So, after 10 years on the pill, I went off a year ago and had one normal period after I got off the pill and then didn't have one for 3 months. I went to the DR after two months and DR said that she didn't want to do any investigations until I had missed three in a row. I had done two pregnancy tests which at that time both came out faint positives (Clearblue crap of course..) Went back to the DR after missing three in a row and having the faint positive tests. She did bloodwork and a pelvic u/s, and a transvaginal u/s and I got a call back saying that I had a suspected abnormality in the lining of my uterus and a 6 cm cyst on my left ovary and that I definately was not pregnant (my first letdown with this test). Was told I had to have an HSG done to inspect the lining as well as the cyst. This was done a month after I had the original test and they told me that the cyst was on the right side, not the left (stupid first doctor was probably looking at it upside down.. Isn't that scary?? LOL!) but that there was no abnormality in the lining as originally thought.. So, made another appointment with GYN who did yet another ultrasound and had already filled out paperwork for me to have a laparoscopic cystecomy. He said to me at that appointment (keep in mind that this cyst has probably already been there for 5 months) that he didn't want to send me for surgery if it wasn't necessary (the cyst had decreased in size a little bit). So, he put me back on BCP's for two months to try and rid me of the cyst. Went back after two months and they did yet another u/s and found out that the cyst was gone! But, now the doctor discovered that I have PCOS and had told me that I would definately have trouble conceiving. I have not had a period on my own since I got off the pill a year ago. They started it once with Prometrium (that's only a withdrawl bleed, has nothing to do with ovulating or having an actual period) so, the dr put me on Metformin which is supposed to help me release an egg which is something that I'm not doing right now and haven't been since I got off the pill. And because I'm so irregular, I was having some symptoms of preg, which is why I took the tests which came out faint positive only to find out that it was a BFN again. So, all this heartbreak and finding out things that should have been found out years and years ago, I am finding these things out now while I'm TTC. This is why I'm frustrated with this whole situation. And, I've been on the Met. for 2 months now and have yet to ovulate (I'm using OPK's as well and I have yet to have an LH surge) I'm trying BBT, but there is no patterns with my temperatures. Sorry to go on and on, but this is my story. It gets so frustrating when you hear of people who get pregnant easily who don't deserve it, nor do they want it, nor can they give the child the love it so richly deserves. But, enough of that nonsense, here's hoping that in a week or so, you'll be posting some great news for us as this month sounds extremely promising for you! Hope you get what you want this time around.. Thanks for the support and I'll talk to you soon! Keep me up to date with all your testing..
Hi Merlee! I thought it was you.. You know, I read that you've been trying for three years. I just wanted to let you know that I have read many of these messages on this board and there is no one that has a more positive outlook than what you do. You give hope to a lot of women (including myself) who are having problems conceiving, and you remind us to never give up hope just like you're not giving up. I commend you and there's no one that deserves a BFP more than you. I wish you nothing but the best and your patience is an inspiration to all of us who are down about our own situations. Merlee, take care and keep me updated on your situation.. What's been happening with you by the way? I was reading a posting by you on a different post and things sound promising for you too! Are you still on the 2ww? You'll have to let me know how that turns out! Extreme amounts of baby dust to both of you.. You'll be in my thoughts...


merlee - August 8

chicks, Hi!. Thank you for your kind words. I don't always feel positive about ttc, but I am glad that I can help others in their journey also. So many of you have helped me. I really think that a positive attitude has a lot to do with it. I am 7dpo and not very optimistic this month (there will always be next month). I have really bad bb pain, usually the progesterone cream helps with that, but not this month. It started about 2 dpo and has only gotten worse. My temp look good, but I just have that feeling that this is not the month (I really wanted it to be). My new gyn wants me on clomid (I'm afraid it won't work, therefore afraid to try it and fail again), but I wanted to get that BFP with out it and go back and tell him that I didn't need the clomid after all. My DH's job takes him away from home a lot and his schedule is really erradic. I'm just getting used to it. But he is great about ttc and will do anything I ask. He even asked me to arrange for another sperm analysis (it has been 2 yrs and it wasn't the best, then). If I take the clomid I will have to be sure he is home during the critical time and that will be difficult. -Anna, it looks pretty promising for you. Keep us posted. ~~Baby Dust~~


Anna - August 8

Ok, I am so excited right now, but trying not to get my hopes up! I got up late this morning and just for kicks did another HPT. I actually forgot that I had taken it and left it on the side of tub. I was sure that it was going to be another negative. When I discovered it later, it had a faint +++ line! I compared it to the other negative tests that I had taken in the last several days and none of them had even a glimpse of a positive line though they had been sitting in the trash basket for a little while ( a day or two ). So, I'm going to wait another day or so and retest. The +++ one could have been from the fact that it had been sitting for over an hour. But don't you think that the other ones would also have shown +++ ? Keeping my fingers crossed!!! Chicks, I'm sorry for all the struggles you have had to deal with! I know that it was hard for me to think that I may have a lot of trouble getting PG. So I can't imagine how it must be for you. You've been trying for so long and had so many heartbreaks of positive HPTs and negative blood tests. I'm sure that it has been a long difficult journey for you, but keep your head up and don't get discouraged! I believe that one day you'll get that BFP you want so much. Sending lots of ***BABY DUST*** your way! (and if I'm PG, I'll give you the rest of my dust and you''l be sure to be PG very soon! LOL!)


Anna - August 8

merlee, I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to be rude or ignore you. I didn't see your post before mine. Thanks, for the encouragement! It looks like this may be my month, but I still have to wait and see. I'm retesting tomorrow or wednesday to see if I get a positive. Hope this is your month too! Good luck and let me know what happens.Sprinkling ***BABY DUST*** your way for a BFP!!


merlee - August 8

Anna - early Congratulations!!!! I don't know how you can wait til tomorrow to test again!! Good luck, I know this is it for you.


chicks - August 9

Hi Anna! WOW! This is good news for you.. I can hardly wait until you test again! You didn't use Clearblue crap, did you? LOL! ;-) When are you testing again? You are right though, it could have been the way the test reacted over time, but it's OK to be excited! I'll be happy for you if you are.. You sound very sweet and I hope you get the BFP you want! Thanks for the kind words, it is very frustrating to know that I was trying so hard for so long, only to find out that I wasn't even ovulating.. :-( Oh well, hopefully the Met decides it wants to kick in.. My husband and I were actually not supposed to start trying at the time that we did, we were going to wait until the beginning of this year.. Thank goodness we didn't! I'd be 90 years old before I got pregnant! LOL! Good luck to you darlin on your next test! I'll be waiting to hear from you... And if it is true, then please send the extra my way! HA HA..


Chicks - August 9

Hi Merlee! How you doing sweetie? I don't know about you, but from what you're saying, everything is looking good for maybe a BFP for you.. You're temps are still high? How long have they been like that for? I have heard of women getting sore bbs a couple of days after conception and it staying with them.. Maybe that's a good sign! Do you normally have that happen? Well, even though you don't always feel positive about the situation, it comes across that way in your posts and it gives people a lot of hope about their own situations. Never give up.. That must be hard for you with DH being gone a lot.. How often is he home? I'm sure if you give the Clomid a try, it may be a good thing for you.. Have they suggested injectables to you? I have read a lot of postings in this forum and others that they were pregnant anywhere from 2-4 months on the injectables.. Maybe that's an option for you! Post me back soon, and I will be thinking of you and praying for you always.. Lots of baby dust your way..


Anna - August 9

I don't know what to think now! A bfn on my HPT this morning. But the faint +++ are still on the other test. My ovaries are really sore and my abdomen feels full with mild cramping, like before an af. I feel like I could start my af any time now. But I haven't started yet. So there may be some hope. If I don't get af by the end of this week, I'm going to retest, again. What a bummer! Oh, and I used the First Response all the times I tested. chicks and merlee, thanks for your encouragement! merlee, how are you feeling? chicks is right-it does sound very promising for you this month! Have you tested yet? Let me know when you do! My fingers will be crossed for you! ckicks, how are you doing? Any sign of O'ing yet? My DH and I were, also, not supposed to start trying until later so I could get PG in October. Thank goodness we didn't wait! I'd be right there with you-old, wrinkled and pregnant! (nothing mean towards the elderly) So here's hoping that we'll be hanging over the porcelain goddess every morning, having our DH massage our charlie horses every night, going to the grocery store at two in the morning for pickles and ice cream atleast twice a week, admiring our ever growing bellies, and looking forward to the blessed event! All this by the end of the year!!! I believe it will happen! Loads of ***BABY DUST*** to all three of us! LOL!



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