Clear Plan Fertility Monitor ..Help Please!!!
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Khristy - July 19

Does anyone else on here use the clear plan monitor? I am on cd 12 and from cd 7-9 it showed low , and then from cd 9-12 it has showed high , but no peak yet. By my ovulation calendar I should ovulate by July 22. I am just confused when to have sex. And since my DH is out of town until Saturday on a job. I need to know when in case I need to drive down where he is . Dont wont to miss our chance this month since this is my first month on clomid. Any help is appreciated!!!


kc - July 19

I have been using the monitor for 3 cycles now. First one it gave me high reading from day 8 until day 14 peak for day 15 & 16 and high for day 17. Very similar for cycle 2 and 3. Only the peak was days 14 and 15. All 3 cycles started testing high on day 8. I do know it takes 6 months for the monitor to adjust to your cycle. But I am frustrated with it also since I know I am not fertile this long. I feel as I waisted my money!!!! Your best bet is to bd every other day until two days after peak making sure you hit at least one of the peak days. I hope this helps. Good Luck to you and lots of baby dust. I really hope the clomid helps. If it does let me know. I was going to order it on line.


D. - July 19

I use it. Unfortunately there is no pattern you can rely on. I've been using mine for 4 years. I've had as many as 5 highs, then a peak. As few as 1 high, then a peak. And sometimes it has gone from low straight to peak. Actually, the monitor takes about three cycles to get to know your pattern and the first couple of cycles it's very possible that it might miss your peak. Once you get your peak, just stop testing because it's programmed to have two peaks, back to one day of high, then low again. Once you get that first peak, you know what the rest of the sticks will read so save your money. This is made tougher when O can change drastically from month to month. I've O'd as early as CD6 (Monitor couldn't even begin to deal with that) and I've O'd as late as CD17. The monitor has gotten every cycle (except for CD6) right on the money. I O on the first peak day usually but most of us will O on the second. HTH!



Khristy - July 19

Hi kc,
I have been using it off and on for about 4 months now. But in the past it would give me a high reading from day 7 and never a peak. But back then I was having very irregular cycles and now I am having 28 day cycles since I started taking Metformin. So I'm thinking in the past I wasn't ovulating and the monitor was only picking up high levels estrogen is why I was only getting a high reading. Not sure.
I have been reading up about hormones on a web site at I know what you mean about getting frustrated with it . Sometimes I feel like throwing it at the wall LOL But know that wont help.. Thanks for your reply! Will keep you informed how the clomid works for me .I'm on 50 mg. and took it cd 5-7.


Khristy - July 19

Thanks D!!
I know it can get confusing at times. I have even been watching the 2 lines on the sticks but know I cant go by that since it is reading the LH surges. Like first 3 days of testing I got 1 very dark line and the monitor read low and then the last 3 days I got 1 dark line and a very faint second line and it is reading high. So makes me wonder if I get 2 dark lines if it will read a peak? But know I cant go by that.


Ann - July 19

Hey Khristy, I use the monitor also. The first month I used it, it didn't even show peak! I was so frustrated. But the third month was the charm and I got pg. I m/c so I am back at it. I am on my fourth month of using it now. I used to get about 3-5 high fert. days and then like D said it is a pattern and always gives you two peak days then one more high. It has helped me because I am irregular. But, I also just started Clomid and now it is giving me more high fert. days then before. I did read that the clomid can give you false readings on opk's. But, last month on clomid my ovulation was painful and mine read peak when I had the pain, so I am guessing that it read me correctly. I just don't want you to worry if it doesn't work for you the first month. Mine worked fine the second month on. Please let me know how this works for you. I have not come across anyone else using clomid and this montior. Good luck!


D - July 20

You won't get two dark lines. The line on the left (at the end you stick into hte monitor) is your estrogen line. That line should be dark when you start testing. As you get MORE estrogen (and this part is just backwards!) it should get lighter. The other line will darken as your LH increases. So, the dark line goes light, and the light line goes dark. I do use mine visually as well as in the monitor. Just in case the monitor misses your peak, by looking at them you know when your surge is hitting. Does that make any sense?


Khristy - July 20

Hi Ann,
I have read that too that clomid can cause a false reading but am glad to hear it is working for you. I'm thinking it is working for me but we will see. I'm glad to find more on here that are using the monitor while on clomid. I'm sorry about your m/c !! That is my biggest fear since I have pcos also. But know in it is in God hands and not mine so will just stay positive. I will keep you informed and pls do the same. Sending Baby Dusts we all get our bundle of joy soon!! :-)


Khristy - July 20

Thanks D ,
Now I think I understand now what it is doing . When I tested last night the first line is lighter now and the second line is starting to show but very faint line . I remember when I first started testing the first line was very dark and no second line to be seen .What you have told me has helped me to make sense how they work now. DH thinks I'm nuts at times because I will line them up and compare them LOL


D. Caraballo - July 20

Tell DH we ALL do that. By the way, to get around the clomid problem, start testing three days AFTER your last pill. So, if you are doing clomid cd3-7, start testing on CD10 instead of when the monitor demands you start testing. You won't screw anything up and you'll avoid anything botching up the cycle. The same holds true for OPKs.


Michelle - July 20

Hey Khristy,
My cycle is very confusing as well. i showed low fertility up untill day 17. On day 17 and 18 it shot up to peak fertility, and now on day 19 it is at medium. I was told some women ovulate later in their cycle, you maybe one of those women. I read in the book that sometimes it takes a 2-3 months for the monitor to get use to your cycle and recognize your peak. So keep trying, i was frustrated just as much as you. Good luck


Ann - July 20

D. - Thanks for the advice about not testing until three days after clomid ends. I was worried about messing my monitor up, but it makes sense to wait. I'll try it (I start testing again in about a week) and let you all know how it works. Also, Khristy I always look at the lines. My DH at first thought I was obsessing, now he is right there with me looking :0)!


Khristy - July 20

Thanks D!!
I agree with Ann. I will try that next month if this month is a bust. And for DH...I have caught him looking at the lines too. He actually called me today and ask if I got a peak yet on monitor.
I think he is ready to see me . We have been apart since July 12th and its hard. He is a trucker and we never know when he is going to be out of town.


Khristy - July 20

Hi Michelle,
I agree with you on it takes a few months for the monitor to get adjusted to your cycles . I think I do ovulate later because last month the monitor didn't show a high until cd 21, but I wasn't on clomid either. And I got sick with a stomach virus and didn't test anymore last month. So I missed my O and hope it didn't affect the monitor on reading my cycle this month.
Good Luck to you too !!


Khristy - July 22

Hi Ladies,
Just wanted to ask a question about how many days should I be having a high reading on the monitor?? I am on cd15 and still at a high . I have had 3 low days and 5 high days so far. Has me worried that I may not ovulate . Also I had a discharge yesterday (cd12-14) . Is that normal ? I was thinking it may be Mid-cycle ovulating spotting but not sure. How are you all doing with your monitor this month ?


D, - July 22


There is no specific number of days on high. Sometimes you won't even get a high. It'll jump from low to peak. Very rare but possible. The monitor will either ask for sticks in groups of 10 or 20 depending on your specific O pattern. If you O around CD14, and start testing on CD8, for example, it will ask for sticks through CD17. Or if you normally O on CD16, it may ask for sticks later than CD8, and may have you test for 20 days. Of course, since we all know that it'll always give you a peak, followed by another peak, then a high, then back to low, I suggest stopping as soon as you get that peak. It's not like it can go back to recognizing a second surge so to continue to feed sticks to the little guy is just a waste of money once you have that first peak.


kc - July 22

Khristy- Today is cd 8 and it asked for my first test stick. I got a high reading. I will probably get a high reading until cd 14 or 15 when I will get a peak. I will probably bd everyother day until day 18 making sure I hit both peak days. Lots of baby dust to you all. I know this will be our month! The stork will be dropping off babies in Easter baskets lol. Good Luck ladies.



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