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Colleen - August 2

Anyone who uses the Clear Blue Monitor...I began testing on day 9 of my cycle...On day 11 I tested high, and I am now on day 23 and am still testing high. I never got the egg so I assume I never ovulated. I had asked some questions when I was on day 18 and 19 on a different thread of someone else's but I am wondering if anyone has had this happen to them ?
I am also having a lot of cm, more then I usually have most months, sometimes watery, and sometimes it almost seems like ewcm, which I know can be a sign of ovulation as well as pregnancy. I dont know what to think, if I am really ovulating this late in my cycle, if I didnt ovulate at all, if I am pregnant and its throwing off the monitor, or if the monitor is stuck on high!! Any help would be welcomed and appreciated!


kc - August 2

I do know it takes at least 3 cycles for the monitor to adjust to your cycle. I was very confused myself when I started using it. I wanted to throw it out the window. I'm on my 4th cycle and it is working much better. When you do get the peak (egg symbol) you can stop using the test sticks to save $. I would stick it out this cycle and wait for the next. It is very possible you did not ovulate this month. Most women do miss a cycle thougout the year. This cycle I actually ovulated 6 days earlier than normal. Without the monitor I wouldn't have know until it was too late. So stick with it. It does get more accurate the more cycles you use it. Lots of luck.


Colleen - August 2

Thanks KC...It is my 2nd month of using it, and have been told that it does take sometime, I guess after 12 days of testing high, I am sort of confused. Last month I ovulated on day 17 and everything seemed fine. This month has been so different. I am hoping I am pregnant really, and thats why its not picking up the ovulation or reading high for so many days, but knowing my luck, I have probably not ovulated at all this month..Thanks for the answer! Good luck to you!


D. - August 3


Have you been watching your sticks? I can't remember if I had posted a URL to a site with pictures of sticks that you can look at to see what a peak looks like. The first couple of cycles, the FM can miss your peak because it doesn't know what your pattern is. So, by actually looking at your sticks, you can tell whether or not it is showing that you might O. Of course, any of the scenarios you listed could be a possibility. Here's the link address again --- --- I think it's under the first post, FAQ.


Colleen - August 3

Hi D...Thanks for responding to me again..I didnt even really know that the sticks themselves can tell you info. I have been throwing them away : (
I did look on the link, and when I read your post a few days ago in response to mine, I realized I should have been saving them. I am still testing of course because its asking me to, and have saved the last few and will look at them. What I think is odd is that my first month of using the monitor last month it picked up the O right away. I guess each month is different, but this month I actually thought I felt O and many months I do not. I can remember feeling pains on my right side, worse then really I had ever felt around O time (or at least what I thought was O time)...I will look at your link you provided. Thank you!


Colleen - August 3

D...Thanks for the link (I added to my favorites, in case I have this problem next month, now at least I know what the sticks should look like when I am O'ing)...I compared the last few sticks I saved since I read your post on the other thread, and my sticks actually look like the "low" sticks on that site, not even like the "high" sticks that the monitor says I am. I wasnt really confused with the monitor up until this point. I even called Clear Blue today and the person I talked to said she hadnt heard of someone testing "high" for as many days as I have. Guess there is a first for everything! Thanks again..


D. - August 3

The only time I got a lot of highs (14 of them by the way) was when I ovulated on CD6. That was the first day that the FM was asking me to test. So, it immediately jumped to high (but it can't go straight to peak on first test) then stayed on high the whole time until AF showed up 14 days later. That's how I knew for sure that I had O'd. That along with my temps of course. It will come together. I PROMISE!! I hand out at that site a lot and those ladies really know what they are talking about. So, I depend on them for a lot of my info on OPKs and FMs. I'm glad you found it helpful.


Colleen - August 3

Thanks D. I called Clear Blue again, (I called yesterday and the person I spoke with didnt really have an answer for me) and I was told today that once it goes from low to high, it is programmed to stay at high until it detects O. If it doesnt detect O for the month, it will remain at high until you complete your 20 sticks...So, I guess there is an explanation at least. I am going to scour over that site again today but thank you for helping me become more familiar with the test sticks..Who knew they even meant anything (which I guess in retrospect is sort of dumb of me) until I read your post!



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