Clear Blue Fertility monitor- anyone use it?
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Stacey - May 9

Ok, I started to use it this cycle for the first time. It went to high cd13-cd25. Today is cd26 and it's back to low. When I called and asked them how it works, they said it would stay at high until I either reach peak or get af. I also do temp. and know I haven't O'd yet. I have long cycles-36-40 days, and the latest I have O'd is cd30. Might not even O this cycle. Please help-all opinions welcome :)


Melissa - May 9

I've tried the opks, and they're difficult for me to use. I have longer cycles also (and found out that I have a cyst) and sometimes I didn't O, but it still had a high surge even though I didn't. I would just go by charting. A lot cheaper.


stacey - May 9

yeah, charting seems to have worked for me in the past- too late- already spent all the money on the monitor :( How did you find out about the cyst? I did have the high surge this cycle, but apparently no ovulation!


Heather1 - May 10

Hi Stacey,
I have been TTC for a year. 4 months ago I started using the kit. It's great. I usually get a medium fertility bar 2 days before I get the LH surge. Then it peaks to high fertility. Look at the stick, you will have 2 lines. Then I usually OV 2 days after. I was sick one month and I got the surge later then normal. Just use it ofr 6 months and see how it goes. Good Luck. Let me know if you have any other questions.


stacey - May 10

thanks Heather1- in your use have you ever gone from high back to low? I'm assuming I'm not ovulating this month. How long are your cycles? I called today and the girl- I don't think really understood and said my time must be up- it;ll only ask you to test for 20 times, and then if your cycle is longer (which mine shouldn't be) than 42 days it won't work. I'll see if it asks me to test tomorrow. Why would it only ask you to test 20 times if you don't ovulate? I have ovulated on day 30 before in a 40 day cycle- not long enough to sustain a pregnacy, but still...


Melissa - May 10

I found out that I have a cyst because I actually missed a period (got super excited that I was preg, but wasn't). So we did some blood work and an u/s. But, before I missed af I normally went from 32-40 days.


Cutie - May 10

I bought Clear Blue Easy (includes 7 test strips) I used one on May 7th (Saturday) - only 1 line (refference line) showed up... I didnt test on May 8th, and then I tested on May 9th (Monday), and I had two lines... One is little little darker, but they look almost the same, very similar. Does that mean I will be ovulating next 24-36 hours? I used BC for 2 month to regulate my period. My last period (fake) was on April 29th. I started taking Ovulex on May 4th Wednesday. I have a lot of CM and my stomach looks huge( bloating).... Please tell me what do you think? I hope I will get preggo this time... Thank You God bless


stacey - May 10

Ok, Cutie, I wasn't sure before what you meant- in other topic, but I think you want to know if that means you will be ovulating soon. Either you will be w/in 12-36 hours,or tomorrow's test will be even darker- make sure you test tomorrow. if it is lighter, it means that yesterday's test that you missed was the match and you are ovulating sooner. Does that make sense?


Cutie - May 10

Thank You Stacey


Heather1 - May 11

Hi Stacey,
It usually asks me to start testing around day 10. I get a medium fertility spike around day 14. Usually 2 days later I get the double line and high fertility. I ovulate 2 days later on day 18. Last month I ovulated on day 20. I have a 29-30 day cycle. I have my period for 5 days. I am very regular. How long have you been trying? Do you have irregualr periods?


stacey - May 11

Heather1, thanks for answering! I have been ttc since I got off of bc in end of Oct. did get pg in late Dec., m/c in late my cycles have been really long- 36-40 days. O around cd26-30. This month I don't think it's happening at all. Don't remember how they used to be when not on bc, but figure they must have been long maybe I am irregular.



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