Clear Blue Easy Monitor "Discovery"...
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T - October 31

Hi Ladies! Just a little bit of info. I have been using the CBE monitor for two months now. Before using it I was relying on to see when I would be ovulating (which would always be day 14). My dh and I would bd that day. This morning I saw the egg (Ovulation) is day 15. I guess the whole time (10 mos. of ttc) we were off by a day and were bding a day early. I'm not saying this is THE reason why I haven't gotten pregnant (since I know you can bd the day before O), but it is interesting to know that I was probably not even bding on my actual O day! Hope this is helpful and I definitely would recommend the monitor. I heard so many good things about it. Good Luck to you all!!!


to T.. - October 31

You should also be bd'ing the days leading up to O as sperm can live for several days in a good environment w/ good cm. Bd'ing the day only of O might limit your chances some. Good luck!


T - October 31

Thanks "to T", We HAVE bd on the days leading up to O....then took a two day break and bd today (O day). I just always like to bd on the actual O day (hoping to increase our chances)and before I was too late by one day.


.. - October 31

I have been using the fertility monitor for 3 mos ttc # 2. We used it ttc # 1 too. I just wanted to let you know that you should bd tomorrow too. the egg on the monitor indicated that O will happen within 12-36 hours. I just don't want you to miss another chance.


T - October 31

.., yes, we plan on bd tonight, tomorrow, the next day, take a break and then one more day (this is what I was told to do from someone on this post - apparently, this is what they did to get pg.). thanks for the information.


Mindi - October 31

T- I used the fertility monitor for the first time in Oct. and got a bfp. I too believed that I O'd on day 14, when in reality it was much later than that. I sure was glad that I bought this monitor and would recommend it to everyone if that's what they are having problems with. Dh and I bd the day before I got the egg, the day of the egg, and the next day as well. Must have worked, because we will be expecting our first child in June. Good luck.


T - November 1

Mindie: Congratulations!!! I hope the monitor is as good to me as it was for you. My hubby and I bd three days before the egg (he wanted to "save up"), the day of the egg, and the day after (which is today) - I guess we will bd tomorrow as well, take a break one day and then bd one more day (this is what I was told to do by someone on this post). In your opinion.....we bd everyday from last Monday (10/24) through Thursday (10/27), didn't Friday (10/28), didn't Sat. (10/29) and didn't Sun. (10/30) (these days had no eggs). The first day I saw the egg was Monday (10/31) and again today (11/1). We bd both days....what do you think my chances are?? Thanks a lot!!!


Mindi - November 2

T- I think you have very good chances of catching that egg this month. When you get the egg, you will ovulate anywhere from 24-36 hrs. So, you are hitting all the right days. Good luck and keep us posted.


T - November 2

Thanks Mindi: Question...last month after my egg days, it went back down to low peak (one bar). At this point, does it mean my chances are "done" or should I keep bding? Thanks. Today was my second day of the egg. As I mentioned, we are going to bd anyway. Thank you for all of your info. and help.


T - November 2

Mindi: hi. Okay, so today, the monitor was at two bars (high peak) - my dh and I bd this morning.... is this still a good time to do so?



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