Clear Blue Easy Monitor
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KC - June 3

Has anyone ever used the CBE fertility Monitor. I have been using it for one month now. I gave me a high reading for 8 days and a peak of two. I know I am only fertile for the days prior to ovulation. Does the monitor adjust to give you less fertile days? I hope so. If not I think I waisted my money. I could narrow my window down to 10 days myself. Please respond.


SK - June 3

I have had similar problems with fertility tests. So far this month I have taken my first two tests and the lines are as dark as the reference line but thinner and I am only 10 days into my cycle on a 28 day cycle? Does anyone have any suggestions?


KC - June 3

I have used them in the past and found them to be very confusing. That is why I purchased the monitor. A machine that reads the strips for you and shows on a screen your high and peak days. The monitor with strips was around $250.00. All I know is it showed I was fertile for 10 days which I know is not possible. My advise to you is as long as the lines are the same color do the deed until one day after your temperature rises. You should ovulate around day 14 with a 28 day cycle. Your most fertile days are the two days before ovulation and the day of ovulation. It is possible you ovulate around day 12 and have a longer leutal phase. Hope this helps. Lots of luck. PS I ovulated today so now the waiting game begins. I hate this time. Acting like I might be pg and to find out 10 - 12 days later I could of had that glass of wine with dinner. Oh well.


stacey - June 4

Karen- I bought it last month as well, and I had 13 high days, no peak- I ended up having a really late ovulation, so couldn't even use the kit...this month it changed my first testing day, it's day 6 today for me and it didn't ask me to test- last cycle it asked me to start on day 6. It says in the instructions that it will store your information and make changes next cycle and that the high days should be less. Good luck!


kc - June 4

Stacey, Thanks for your input. I'll just have to wait until next month and see how it works out. Hopefully I am expecting and will not have to. Good luck to you.


stacey - June 4

no problem- oh,sorry I wrote Karen- I had wrote on a different clear blue strand to a Karen. Sorry again :)


Patricia - June 5

I used Clear Blue for one year. The first time you used it is normal to give you a big window (it is explained in the manual). Your ovulation cycle will be kept on memory for 6 months, so each month it becomes more accurate. By the second or third month you should have around 2-4 high days and 2 peaks. After the peak, ovulation happens 12-15 hours later. So the best is to have intercourse right after the first peak or even the night before since you could have had the peak at night and you only took the test the next morning(ovulation only lasts 15 minutes). I've just had a baby boy two months ago. Good luck.


kc - June 6

To stacey and Patricia,
Thanks a bunch for your info. I did read the instructions, however, I am a very impatient person. That is fine you typed karen my name is actually Katie.
Lots of luck to you both. I'm really glad I found this site it has been very helpful and supportive.



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