Clear Blue Easy Monitor
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T - November 2

Hey Ladies! I just wanted to offer some help for those of you (me too) ttc. This is my second month using the CBE monitor. Although I am not pregnant yet (last month got af and now waiting for no af on 11/12), I have really learned a lot about my body with this monitor. For the past 10 mos (two using the monitor) I thought I ovulated on day 14) It turned out I am not ovulating until around the 16th day. Previously, after day 14 we were just about giving up on ttc for that month and then did the I am at day 17 and STILL have a chance at catching that egg!!!! I will keep you informed if I get my BFP this month. I just wanted to recommend using the monitor at this point, what do we have to lose right! Good Luck to you all and I hope my information was somewhat helpful! Thanks.



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