Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor PART 3
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Happiness4e - December 20

The old thread is taking for ever to load; i started this one, hopefully this one will be the lucky one. Here you go ladies


Sweetpea - December 21

Dawn-I have the same problem, except sometimes I don't want to BD when he does and I know when I need to. Its hard for me to believe that I once wanted to!!! Its like all the foreplay went out the window and its just straight to buisness. I try to keep quiet about when I need to BD and try to BD more throughout my cycle so he won't fear I'm just doing it because I have to, that and I don't want him to get any more nervous about performance than he already is.


Sweetpea - December 21

Happiness-I am so sorry for your lost, that is my biggest fear. I hope you realize we're all here for you. Is this your first miscarriage?


Sweetpea - December 21

I am using my monitor again this month, I was sent a new one so maybe this one will be better luck for me. pdodero-It may not detect your peak this month (since its your first) or it may go from low to peak without high. I'm on high right now (CD7) and I hope I get a peak and it doesn't just stay high all cycle. You should temp to just to be sure that your monitor is able to pick up your hormones correctly (better to be certain than wondering). But that's just me being paranoid.


pdodero - December 21

thank you sweetpea I have been doing the fertility course on fertility friend so maybe I will learn something I have 3 right now and never had to worry before so this is all new to me. I have been temping but thought you did it when you wake up I always wake at different times so I am not getting a clear picture this month at all I thought the monitor sounded great so I bought it in hopes I would c much quicker. Good luck and lots of baby dust


Sweetpea - December 21

pdodero-The monitor helps so many people so it might work really well for you. I had a hard time waking up at the same time everyday so I set my alarm early enough that it wakes me up and I still get about 6-7 hours in a row, on the weekends I go right back to sleep after I take my temp (and now pee on the stick too), it works pretty well for me. Hope it helps.


fatboy - December 21

Sweetpea and Terri thanks for the input. I'm glad to know i'm not crazy! Things are better as of now...he appologized for making me feel that way. Happiness, so sorry for your loss. I had a m/c 3 yrs ago. No bleeding, cramping.....nothing until 10wks along. I started cramping and went to the er. U/S stated that the fetus was back to 6wks size. They told me to go home and m/c naturally, but still no bleeding for days. I had to go back in for d&c 3 days later. I know how you feel and my prayers and thoughts are with you. Kelly, glad to see you back on here! Pdodero, welcome and sorry no advice. I don't use the monitor.....don't ask why i'm on this forum. Doesn't make much sense, huh? No, I'll tell ya why! These women are great supporters!


pdodero - December 21

does eveyone follow the first morning urine? I read on the fertlity friend site that sometime the lh can not be picked up in the first morning it says sometimes you need the mid afternoon sample because the lh is released in early morning and takes 6-8 hours for it to get in youir urine this is part of lesson 4 on their site just wondering if I should try that next month thanks for your help and your welcome fatboy I am on other threads that it doesnt make sense for me to be on either but the support it great Thank you all for the welcome


TerriT - December 21

Kelly~ thank you. We didn't do anything different other than have the HSG. It was my first month temping, but I didn't really understand it. I just bd'd before O and on O which is what I always had done. So, I really feel like it was the HSG.I am hoping for the best and I wish all of you the same.Thank you for all of your support. It has meant the world to me. Just as all of the other BFP's, your time will come as well! I am so excited for alI of us who want to be mommies. Just continue to pray and think positive.I went to the doc yesterday and he said 37 is the magical age for twins:) I wouldn't be mad at all! I am trying to be extra careful. I am 5 weeks along and he said I might get to hear the heartbeat in January. Babydust to all!!!!


Nicole8 - December 22

CONGRATS TerriT!!! You should know that I check in on you from time to time to see if you've gotten your wish...and this time I finally get great news! Don't worry, it passes quickly...I'm already 34 weeks! I'm so happy for you....good luck & take care!!!


TerriT - December 22

Thank you Nicole8! I am so glad to hear that you are doing well!


TerriT - December 22

Hi...just wanting to know where everyone is in their cycles. I will be sending lots of sparkly Christmas babydust to everyone:) Happy Holidays!


TerriT - December 24

Hi guys! I had an awful scare on Friday. Lots of pain and pressure in my abdomen and back...found out at the hospital that I am severely dehydrated and have an infection:( Go figure. So, I am on meds, but feeling much better! The baby is okay and that was my biggest concern.


fatboy - December 26

Terri, I know what that scare feels like! I am happy to hear that it isn't connected to the baby though, right? Glad you're feeling better! I'm 10dpo today. I won't test til Saturday. I am not having ANY symptoms at all! No sore bbs....Nothing! BUT if it didn't work this month, I start clomid next cycle....whoo hoo! So where is everyone else in their cycles. Sweetpea, have you o'd yet? You're a little ways from af right? Baby Dust! Terri, keep sending it our way!


fatboy - December 27

Okay, where are my girls???? Guess everyone is still on vacation. Hope ya'll had a good Christmas! Baby Dust


Sweetpea - December 27

Terri-Glad things are going well with you and baby... Thats a big scare! I'm on CD13 (well almost 14). Dawn-Good luck with the testing, remember that LeighAnn didn't have any symptoms!


TerriT - December 27

Hi guys! I am sending loads of babydust to everyone!Sweetpea and Dawn...hang in and keep positive. I pray for you both everyday!Dawn~ I hope this is your cycle! I hvave my first ultrasound on Friday morning but my HcG levels look great! I'll keep you all posted!



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