Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor PART 2
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kare21162 - May 18

I started a new thread because the old one took forever to load, so please come in here and continue


kare21162 - May 18

Hello, everybody this was my first month using the monitor but df and i didn't bd very much during my high and peak time, so I don't think I'll have any luck this month. I was surprised I started testing on CD6 and I didn't O until CD23. I thought that I O'd like a week before that. But I knew that I was very fertile because I had alot, I mean alot of EWCM on CD23. So I am now 2dpo. It will be like another week until I would have any kind of symptoms. But like I said we didn't bd alot during my time, alot of things going on and no time to bd, plus it is so hot outside that I don't even wanna think about making love, lol. Have a good day ladies.


SerineMali - May 19

Hey Kare21162,
I was thinking of buying the fertility monitor. I found it on the internet for 170 bucks... Is it worth trying? I've been TTC for a year now and it's getting quit frustrating... I just wanted to hear from other ladies if it would be worth trying... I was thinking it would be too confusing for me to understand exactly how it works... can you lighten my load a bit???


Sweetpea - May 19

SerineMali- you should check out the monitor's website, and the original Clearblue thread, it'll answer all your questions and then some that you don't even have yet! Goodluck!


Parul - May 19

Hi Kare21162! Most of the original thread are jumping over to here! Thanks for the invite. I have been using the monitor and going onto the 3rd month. I have been TTC for about 12 months now. I keep track of my temps, cm, cp and now the monitor takes away all the guessing on where abouts I would ovulate. You should bd on the some of your highs and definitely on your peaks. I was now informed by the original group that peaks indicate that you are about to ovulate within 24 -36 hours. Thus suggested to definitely bd on your first peak, as sperm lasts for about 3 days.


Mac - May 19

So I jumped - the dilema though, now I will have two spots to obsesively check instead of one, the list of my issues just keeps on growing - cheers guys!!!


Sweetpea - May 19

Don't worry Mac, everyone will move to this thread and the old one will go into archives (It'll still be on the list of threads, but will be unused). We're just jumping ship because the other one had so much info on it its getting tough to load. :)


mala - May 19

Hi Guys. I am here too. Am glad that this thread doesnt take that much time to load. Hopefully this is our lucky thread.


ladybug1 - May 19

Hi ladies, Im still here, Im glad I found you all. Im sorry for the recent BFN's. Hopefully next month!!! As for me Im now 9dpo. I have been having cramps of and on. No other symtoms really. I dont want to get all excited and then get BFN. I dont plan on testing until 15 dpo, that's if I dont get af by then.


Sweetpea - May 19

I'm with you ladybug. I'm tired of seeing BFN's, so I'm waiting to test. I don't feel my usual AF symptoms really, but I don't feel pregnancy symptoms either. I'm more hungry, my skin broke out a bit, I'm peeing SLIGHTLY more, and I have headaches but I get those before AF sometimes. I thought I had cramps but they're so light and usually last only about 1-2 minutes unlike normal AF cramps that start small and build up until they're unbareable. I'm in AF limbo!


TerriT - May 19

Hi guys!!!! I finally got here!!! Sweetpea~ Af limbo suck, huh? Hang in:) Mac~ We are on cd13 I think and are you getting highs yet? I am on my third day of high. I can not tell if the Evening Primrose is working or not. I am taking about 4 capsules a day as recommended by a teacher at school. It worked for her so I'm willing to try! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Mac - May 19

Terri, I have not had any highs yet, normally get them around CD 14, but I am not holding my breath. I cartainly feel as if the Primrose Oil is having a massive impact, although I probably overstated that in the last thread. All I need to do now is wait and get my seduction ego inplace (actually I might need to buy one of them to, I am actually not quite sure where I am going to get the energy or the motivation to BD?????) Here's to establing a lucky thread! Cheers!!


TerriT - May 19

Mac~ I just got off the treadmill, it seemed that I was there forever, got out of shower, getting ready to dry my hair and put on my bding shoes...I suggest you do the same:) DH is on the golfcourse and when he gets home I hope he hits a hole in one..tee hee! Sorry, it's been a long week and I am ready to be preggo!!!! I have some change in CM, but not a lot. I hope when we get to Peak that it is the way that it should be to help the little guys swim that marathon!!!Babydust and ambiance to you and all those who yawn during bding:)


Happiness4e - May 19

Hello ladies, i am here too. Mac and TerriT, cought my attention the Evening Primrose you are taking, as far as i know this product should be taken after ovulation not before, it enhances the progerstron level, and this hermon you need after ovulation not before. before ovulation you need to work on the estrogen hermon. this info i am sure about. good luck


TerriT - May 20

Hppiness4e~ I started taking the EPO after ovulation last cycle. But, it is my understanding that you keep taking it all month, every month until you conceive. That is what one of the teachers in my buildings doctor had her do and she ended up PG:) It is supposed to build up EWCM or help create it.So it seems that you would need that before O.Well, we'll see. Thanks for the info! How are you feeling today? Babydust to you!!!


TerriT - May 20

no, it was this was cd5 I think.


Sweetpea - May 20

Hmmm interesting discrepancy, I've always heard that you take it before ovulation and then switch to flaxseed oil after ovulation. I'll see what info I can find.



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