Clear Blue Easy Digital Fertility Monitor
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LSF - April 29

Hi All
TTC for 1 year, then I purchased the monitor and got pregnant the 2nd month. I m/c after 11 weeks, now we are using the monitor again. It's a great product and really works. Good Luck All.


ori - May 17

Ladies, small advice - buy that monitor on I did that for myself and ended up paying 130$ total (monitor + 30 strips). Just make sure that everything is sealed, brand new, strips are not expired. Check all that stuff with a seller.
I am using it for my first month (it's soo easy to use. Can sound complicated in broshure, but once you actually use it - easy, trust me) - already got fertile time detected - who knows - maybe this month will be lucky!
Good luck for you all!


E - September 12

I am currently awaiting the results of my first month of using the monitor. I should know next week. My niece and a close friends child are both monitor babies and yes it happened on the first try. I love this monitor. I hope I am as lucky as others have been. Good luck!!


Mindi - September 12

Hi ladies. I would take Ori's advise. I got my brand new monitor with 30 strips on ebay for $130 as well. I just received it in today's mail. I'll let you all know how if goes.



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