Clear Blue Easy Digital Fertility Monitor
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Dina - April 2

I just purchased this monitor since I have been really frustrated with ttc after my m/c. I have heard some good things about it and I think it will be a little more accurate than the ovulation test sticks. Does anyone have any advice, comments, suggestions that may help me? Has anyone gotten pregnant using the monitor? Is there anything else I should be doing in addition to the monitor to make sure we ttc at the right time? Please help! Thanks ladies!!!


MGO - April 3

so funny that you asked. I have not actually purchased one yet, but I was looking on line to check out the prices. I've only tried for 3 months, but my doctor suggested it, and said not to waste my time on the test strips. I am eager to see if anyone has used it and if they have gotten any positive results. Keep me posted. By the way how long have you been ttc? Wher did you buy the monitor? Is it easy to use? Was it super expensive? Sorry for all the questions......Good Luck!!!!!!!!


Dina - April 3

To MGO- thanks for your reply! It's nice to know someone else is going through the same stuff. We ttc the first time and got pregnant the 2nd month only to m/c at 8 weeks. So now we are going on our 3rd month ttc after m/c. I bought the monitor on You have to buy the monitor ($170ish) and a pack of 30 test sticks ($35ish). It is a little expensive but I agree with your doctor...I have waisted so much on ovulation sticks already! So far I am on day 7 and since this is my first cycle using it, it will tell me to test everyday for the next 10-20 days. You have to start it 1-5 days after the start of your period. I didn't realize that but luckily I got it in the mail on day 5...just in time. Hopefully I will see good results from it. I like the idea of having something telling me when to "try" but I also think it is a good idea to know when you might ovulate and what changes your body is going through. I will keep you posted and let me know if you decided to get one! Good luck!


Dina - April 3

Anyone else have any advice, suggestions, or comments about this monitor?


stacey - April 3

No, but please tell me if you like it, If I get a BFN this month, I might go out and buy it (not tell hubby the cost). I find the ovulation sticks hard to read. I did hear it was good!


MGO - April 3

Thanks Dina, I will keep in touch and check back with you on how it goes. I asked a simialr question titled the same as yours on general pg ques. If i get a response there I will let you know........wishing you the best!


MGO - April 3

Hi Dina, I just got a response from the question I posted and this is what they said.........
I used the Clear Blue Monitor because several friends at work suggested it to me and I thought that it would be fun. My cycles are also fairly irregular. I got pregnant my second month using it - I ovulated that month on day 16 or 17, not day 14 or 15 like most women. My friend got pregnant her first or second try. I was having sex every other day since about day 10 in my cycle and may have gotten the same result without the monitor but I had fun with it. It also helped because my DH travels a few days a week and I knew which days to tell him to be home. Good luck!...............
I hope that helps you Dina, i will keep you posted.


stacey - April 3

Here, I found a web-site for it:


stacey - April 3

take out the - in between the l &y in early and possibly one after html


MGO - April 3

Thanks Stacey, I will check it out!


Dina - April 3

Thank you MGO and Stacey for your replies! We are planning on trying everyother day (or more) starting day 8 or 9 and then I will just go by what the monitor says. Hopefully I will get pregnant this month!!!! (finger crossed:-)) Good luck ladies!


Melissa - April 4

My friend got the digital monitor and it worked the first month, I have been told by a lot of people don't mess with the strips, what did I do? I bought the strips and month 2 and nothing, hope it works!


L - April 4

So glad you asked this question... I just started using it this month. I was charting and nothing was happening. M/c 10/04 so we're anxious. My DH was told by the pharmacist that this produced the best results. He was away for all but one of those high/peak days so it might not have been enough but I'm glad to hear such positive reviews.. it's good to have some good news for a change. So stressful ttc again!! arrgghhh... baby dust to all.


Dina - April 4

So I am on day 8 of my cycle and my period ended yesterday. I woke up today and noticed an increase in discharge. When turned on the monitor it asked for another test and it came back with a "high" result! Is this possible this early on in my cycle? (The monitor has three levels: low, high, & peak.) So I know I have an ok chance of conceiving now but even greater when it says "peak". I am wondering if this seems really early on in my cycle? I am not due for a/f again till the end of this month. Could I really have a luteal phase of 20+? I already called me DH and told him to come home early tonight! I guess I will have to wait and see!


Kim - April 5

Hi Everyone, I just wandered into this site looking for an answer to a question a friend of mine had and I saw this post. My response to MGO is the one posted here where I got pregnant my second month of trying. I just wanted to add that it may take a cycle or so for the monitor to get used to your body and so don't be discouraged if you need to use this for a month or so first and therefore don't conceive on month #1. I started to use mine in December and started ttc in January. I conceived in February on my second month ttc but it was my 3rd cycle with the monitor. If I recall correctly, I did not get a high reading that month and went from 'low' straight to 'peak.' My ovulation day was different every month, too, by a few days and so seeing 'peak' on the monitor was a lifesaver. It's a great investment and I wish you all the best of luck! Baby dust! I hope to see all of you on the First Trimester boards real soon!


MGO - April 5

Hey Dina, Sounds like you may be about to ovulate! Good Luck!!!!!! Thanks for all you guys feedback, you are all great help


LSF - April 29

Hi All
TTC for 1 year, then I purchased the monitor and got pregnant the 2nd month. I m/c after 11 weeks, now we are using the monitor again. It's a great product and really works. Good Luck All.



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