Clamidia and pregnancy
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Lou - May 27

I am really worried I have just found out I have got clamidia after 2 years of ttc neither of us have had a lot of partners (2 each) and we have been together for 4. I am worried as I do not know how long I may have had this. I have a HSG booked shortly and wanted to know if anyone has become pregnant after having and being treated for clamidia? I would love to hear from anyone that has been in the same boat as I just keep reading all the negative stuff


Nena - May 27

Hi Lou, I have had chlamydia but I have to cure that first and than to go for HSG. I am waiting the first af after HSG and will see. Does your doctor know that you have chlamydia?


Lou - May 28

Yes it was the Doctors who tested me for it. Have you any idea how long you have had it, I am concerned that I may have had it a long time and it has damaged my tubes


melissa - May 28

Hey Lou- I also have had this STD and am waiting for answers!! I amtrying to get pregnant and now that I have my cycles figured out...I am waiting!! My Dr. is making me go through all the little tests before I go through the HSG. Thst is scheduled for 6-9-05...I like you have NO idea how long I had this..which really sucks because I just don't know!! This sounds weird but I hope that I got it from my boyfriend cause then I know that I was only infected with it for about 5 months instead of years.....who knows, I will have my fingers crossed for you and let's keep each other posted. What were your symptoms, I just felt like something was wrong and wanted to be checked for HIV..that is scary stuff. Well, let me know, I look forward to speaking with you in the future!!! MElissa


Lou - May 28

I the same as you just want some answers and everything just takes so long. Thanks so much for replying it is nice to speak to someone in the same boat. I will certainly keep you posted. I have been with my husband for 4 years and really haven't a clue how I got it. I have had absolutely no symptoms whatsoever which is the really scarey thing. I have been going through blood tests and been to the hospital. The next stage is the HSG I will certainly let you know. I am currently on antibiotics for the infection and until we get the all clear no sex till then. So no baby for me this month!!!!


angeleyes3102 - May 29

Hey have you guys ever been tested before you were with your prospective partners? The reason why I asked is because if you have then you got it from your partners now. If not then an educated guess would be if you had a lot of urninary tract infections/bleeding after sex/pain during sex. I know because a friend of mine had clymydia and she found out because she kept getting uti's. And I went to get tested because I got a uti and the doctors told me they think my symptoms are endo related not stds. But the symptoms can present themselves the same way. Hope this helps!


Lou - May 29

Thanks angeleyes. I never had any symptoms whatsoever so have never been tested before. Wish I had some symptoms as it would have made it a lot easier. Thanks for the reply though


melissa - May 29

Yes,my partner now has been treated.


Nena - May 30

Don't worry Lou, because I don't think you will have any problems with tubes. I had before 2 1/2 yrs Chlamydia and I was pregnant, fortunately I m/c, and afterwards we found out that the m/c was from infection. I am glad that I m/c because I heard that babies will be affected. First time I had many symptoms (itchy, smells, al lot of mucus, and when we had sex my husband had a burning sensation). Before three months it happened that again I was infected with Chlamydia, but no symptoms at all we just wanted to be checked just in case and it happened again. We took antibiotics for two weeks and it was cured, after that I have done HSG and my tubes were ok thanks God. I have asked many doctors why this infection is back and they've said that just recent studies they found out that it is from the toilet (when you wipe your self, the excrements may touch your part and from there the infection starts). I am married for 5 yrs (been together for 10 yrs) and we are in a very good relation, we don't change partners, but it happened. So, I know that this toilet thing is not very convincing but logically it can happen because Chlamydia is bacteria so bacteria’s can swim all over. I don't personally thing that Chlamydia is De facto STD. So, good luck and keep us posted with your results. First time it took me 4 months to be cured and now only one treatment. My e-mail is [email protected]


Lou - May 30

Thank you Nena it was really nice of you to reply. It was also nice to know that it didn't affect your tubes which of course if the worrying thing. I have tried to look on the internet about pregnancy following the infection but it doesnt really say anything. Do you know if this can also stop you getting pregnant as I would have thought that an infection while you are ttc cannot be to good. Any ideas?


Nena - May 30

Yes, this infection will stop you to get pregnant and pray to God you didn't get prego while having infection because your baby will be infected and that you will feel sorry for all your life. You know when I m/c I was so sad but when I learned that because of infection I m/c I was happy. I don't want to have a child with problems so that my conscience will kill me all my life. I am TTC for 5 yrs, I desperately need to have a child as soon as good decide for that, but I would really want to have a healthy child. Baby dust to all of us *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*


Nena - May 31

Thanks very much for the reply at least it seems there may have been a reason for me not getting pregnant. I will take you up on your email and keep in touch. Thanks for the info. x


Lou - June 1

Just heard that I have my hsg on 6 June. I checked if I needed to get the all clear regarding the infection and they said no as long as I have finished my course of medication, so I will let you know how it goes.


Nena - June 1

Lou, Good Luck. It is very quick test, you will have some like menstrual cramps and than you will forget about it. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*


Lou - June 2

Thanks Nena I will let you know how it goes. x


Giorgina - June 2

I contracted clamidia it was discovered when i was 20 and at university. im now married and trying for a baby i have had a miscarriage but was assured it had nothing to do with that. The positive is you will get pregnant so dont worry. and lots of good luck x


Lou - June 4

Thanks Girogina for the reply, do you know how long you had it?



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