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Madalyn - May 29

Hi there. I have a 2 year old daughter who I tried for a year to get pregnant with. I too had not had a period, so they induced a period for me and then I began taking chlomid...I got pregnant on the first try while being on chlomid. I was told you cannot take the chlomid till the 2nd day of your period...therefore, chlmoid wont make you have a period...whatever they give you intially should make your period begin. I hope this helps.


Amanda - May 29

I am now at 250 mg of clomid and still have not had one period on my own it sucks so bad. this is my 5th round starting prog today to start cycle baby dust to all


MELANIE - May 29

I will be starting my first round of clomid tomorrow. I'm a little confused. I will be taking clomid on days 3-7. Then I am to take prometrium (progesterone) on the 5th day of ovulation. How long do I take the progesterone? Also, why I'm I taking this to make me bleed if I"m ttc? Also, how many times do I have sex during day 11-16 to become pregnant..I know this sounds crazy but I'm confused....


Kate - June 6

I don't understand, after reading some of these responses, why doctors are prescribing clomid without getting a period first. I am TTC and have PCOS. My doc has put me on Provera to induce a period and then on Day 3 of the period you begin taking Clomid, 100mg a day, for days 3 through 7. On day 12, I am to go into the doctor and I'll receive a shot to make me ovulate, then you have sex within 24 hours of receiving the shot and that's it. On day 30 you check for pregnancy and if not, you start Provera again to induce a period (due to PCOS, I do not have periods.) My sister went through 6 rounds of clomid as well, didn't work for her and had an IUI to get pregnant (doc said after 6 rounds if it doesn't work, it's probably not going to). Check with your doctor about having a period FIRST before starting clomid. You need to go through an entire cycle to have it be effective. (Just finished provera 5 days ago and am waiting for period...usually takes me a week or more)


Ebony - June 21

I started my first round of Clomid after my last period and two days sfter I supposed to have taken a pregnancy test I had gotten my period so I think you'll get your period !


Valerie - June 30

I tried clomid but the Dr. made me take a progesterone called PROVERA for 10 days in a row, then you bleed, then on days 5-9 of cycle, you take clomid. I got the period surprisingly since I hadn't had one in about a year too. However, the clomid didn't work for me..Dr. says overweight people probably shouldn't try clomid without also taking an insulin medication called Glucophage or something...and no I am not diabetic. That's just my experience I had, sadly still no baby but I did have a gastric bypass to lose all my weight that's good. It's better that way for me anyway


Mary - September 23

My periods are irregular due to PCOS. According to doctors adive, I started with provera to bring on a period and got period after three days of stopping provera,and on days 5-9 took Clomid 50mg. On day 22 went for a blood test and result showed I had not ovulated. I started provera and will try clomid 100mg for my second cycle. I was dissappointed when I didn't ovulate the first time. Will I ovulate with the increased dose of clomid?


vixta - December 19

chlomid doesnt make u have a period the prgesterone tablet does you can only take chlomid when you are on a period so if you dont have a period the second month and your not pregnant go and see your doctor. you will only need to take the progetorone tablet the first time


angel21up - July 24

I just started provera yesterday. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 3 years now. The Dr. told me that I should start my period around day 5 of Provera. I was want to get this started and over with to have a baby. I start clomid on days 4-8. How many of you have gotten pregnant from taking Clomid and how fast? What kind of symptoms did you guys have?


kelmcdonald - July 5


i have started my 1st round of clomid but the gynae started me on 100mg i used to get a period each mth but since starting clomid ive not had another im now on day 41 and no pregnancy and no period ive tried getting hold of my gynae but alass i cannot get any info as his seceratary is away til 11th july and ive had blood test for day 21 and i have no more monitering till i see them in sept does anyone else have this problem and a great outcome can u plz message me as im at my wits end now



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