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Claire - April 5


I am just about to start my first cycle of chlomid and have also had to take a progesterone tablet first to make me have a bleed as I have not had a period for nearly 12 months. What I want to know is what happens if after the first cycle I do not get a period but I am still not pregnant? Do i still take the chlomid?? Will chlomid definitly make me have a period???


Silvie - April 5

Most likely yes...just your doctor will very likely,after confirming negative pregn. test, prescribe you 100mg Clomid this doesnt work, 150 mg pill can be tried. Good luck!


Jennifer - April 5

I am on CD 33 of my first cycle on clomid and still haven't started my period. Took another test this morning and it is still negative. I am not sure if I should go ahead and take provera to start so I can go on with clomid again or if I should wait a little longer. I have been TTC for seven years.


Heather - April 5

Clomid does not make your period come. You will likely have to take progesterone tablets again to bring on your period. I went into have blood drawn because I wanted to be sure and my hpt were negative. Turns out the hpt's were wrong. I was pg. M/c’d though. Dr said that they will try 50mg for a couple of months before increasing the dose.


Jennifer - April 6

Heather, What cycle day were you on when the hpt were not accurate? If I take the provera and my hpt happened to be wrong would it make me lose the pregnancy? My doctor doesn't do any monitoring until you have done three cycles and not gotten pregnant, and then he will up the dose.


S - April 6

Jennifer, before trying Provera your doctor MUST make sure/blood PT/,that you are /are not pregnant. Provera ,if taken while pregnant could harm a baby a lot. The best way to go is to have blood test done first.


Jennifer - April 7

Thank you S. I had actually called the doctor's office a while back to ask if it would hurt a pregnancy to take provera in case a pregnancy test was wrong. They acted offended that I would ask and said that they would never prescribe something that would cause harm. I just didn't know whether or not to trust that since they always have told me to make sure I am not pregnant before taking them.


S - April 8

Jennifer, being you, I would not start taking Provera without being 100 %,sure,and blood test is the best way how to figure out. I can not believe they just wanna put you on Provera without testing you. My doctors always, even when I was sure I am not pregg did this.and by the dont need to take Provera if your period doesnt come and you are not pregg...I didnt have my periods for couple of months..didnt bleed after Provera and yet got Clomid and got pregnant right away. Clomid works less effectively if you have negative progesteron/Provera test/but it still can work!


Jennifer - April 8

Thank you again S! It really does make me nervous to take provera just trusting the hpt. That is interesting that you said you don't have to take provera to start another cycle of clomid. My doctor told me if I didn't start to take the hpt and if it was negative, to take provera so I could start AF and start the clomid again. It would be nice if I didn't have to wait that two extra weeks to get going on it again. How do you decide when to take the clomid if you don't have a period? Thanks for any more help.


Silvie - April 9

Hi Jenn, I know taking Clomid without Provera inducing bleeding is more unusual. HOwever, I took Provera, but nothing happened. My OB/GYN wanted me to take another Provera,but due to lucky conincidence when I called the office, she was on vacation, and another doctor thought we could give it a try,and prescribed me Clomid/it was in January/although my last period was in August! So we gave it a shot, and luckily and suprisingly not only I ovulated but I got pregnant too. It all depends on doctors, if they arewilling to try or not..some stick to routine,and dont even try. Did You have period with Provera before? If you did,You will most likely get it again too, but I undertand that every day extra waiting is very tough. and you may also know that false negative HPT are nothing rare. Trust blood test for your inner peace.


Jennifer - April 10

Hi Silvie,
Yes, I have had periods on provera before. In fact, that or birth control is the only way I get one more than once a year. I have never had provera fail to induce a period, I get it 10 days after the pills. That reminds me, I have seen a lot of people mention taking meds to bring on AF and they all say that they take a pill for however many days, then they start. My doctor has me take 5 provera, all together one night. He said you will start within 2 weeks, like I said I always start 10 days after the pills. How do most doctors prescribe it?
I got off the subject; I wanted to ask if you knew what the benefits are to having a period before taking the clomid? If it is not needed then I would rather not wait that extra couple of weeks. Thanks again for all of your help. Jennifer


minty - April 19

how soon after taking your first cycle of clomid can u concive


heather - April 20

my doctor wants to start me on provera because i have irregular periods and clomid to increase the chances of pregnancy, but i did not receive a pregnancy test before. should i start these medications


Miranda - May 15

I am about to start taking chlomid, I heard there was an increased risk of multiples, have you heard anything like that?


Jami - May 19

I have taken chlomid before my first daughter was conceived and I am taking it again now--if you dont have a period and you are not pregnant it means you did not ovulate and will take the provera(progesterone) again and then the chlomid. GOOD LUCK!!! :)


Brandi - May 21

I just finished my first cycle of clomid. I was skipping three or so months between periods and wanted to get pregnant. My doc put me on it, but now I am on cycle day 35 and Neg HPT and no period! I am going to my doc next week if still no period. I have all the pregnancy symptoms, but apparently those are side effects of clomid too! But could I still be pregnant with neg HPT this late in the cycle?


Madalyn - May 29

Hi there. I have a 2 year old daughter who I tried for a year to get pregnant with. I too had not had a period, so they induced a period for me and then I began taking chlomid...I got pregnant on the first try while being on chlomid. I was told you cannot take the chlomid till the 2nd day of your period...therefore, chlmoid wont make you have a period...whatever they give you intially should make your period begin. I hope this helps.



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