Chicken & Egg - what's the order???????
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trixiebee - December 17

Hello ladies,
I am presuming that I have a bit more "educated" crowd in here, and women who really know the reproductive cycle a bit better? ???
Hope so. I have questions a bit more technical than "I sat on my boyfriend's lap wif a skirt on, am I pregnint?"
I can't seem to get the order of things right, when it comes to ovulation.
My cycle is 28 days, and I usually get a wipe or two of spotting on day 14. So the past 3 months we've shagged the days prior to that day, maybe on day 15 for luck.
However, this is the FIRST month I've been faithful to the Dollar Tree's pee sticks, and low & behold.... I get a LH + on day 15 and 16 !! what??? Keep shagging honey! I also think I had a sharp pain on my right side on day 13 - the egg poppin' outta the ovary? I've never gotten a reliable patten to basal temp charting.
Just trying to make some sense of my symptoms.
Any help with what order these "signs" happen, would be great.
Someone tell me "4th time's a charm!"????


slowpoke01 - December 18

i too get ovulation pains sometimes a few days before ovulation so that may be why you had them at day 13. if you are getting the positive surge on day 15 and 16 then start having intercourse on days 12 or 13 and go to like days 17 or 18 this should catch yuor fertile window.this will cover the days prior to ovulation and the days of ovulation and the days after ovulation and should increase your chances. i have a 28 day cycle and i usually ovulate on day 14 or 15 unless i have the hcg trigger shot sooner. i do clomid and hcg trigger shot and they monitor my fllicles and when they get a certain size they do the trigger shot to trigger ovulation then i have iui. it depends on how my follicles are growing as to when i have the shot, but before i was taking clomid i did ovulate on day 14 or 15 so day 15 or 16 for you seems normal. just be sure to do the deed a few days before the day of and a few days after you get a + surge on the ovulation kits. good luck



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