Chemical Pregnancy - What now?
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jamij - January 15

Hi folks - I'm pulling my hair out here and I hope one of you can answer my question! After ttc for 2 years, on 12/8 I got a BFP after a Clomid IUI cycle. Unfortunately, my HCG level (23) didn't rise after 2 days or after 4 days. My doc said I had a chemical pregnacy. 1.5 weeks later I had my period. Hubby and I decided to take this cycle off of infertility treatment. My OTK was very positive on day 14, 15 and 16 (weird). I was spotting on and off last week. Light brown, just a little. My breasts are super tender My period was due today. But nothing happened. I took a HPT - it was positive - very dark! Could I be pregnant or is this all part of december's episode?


jg - January 15

A positive test result, on a month of no infertility treatment, sounds like a definite positive to me, since there were no meds to be responsible for a false positive......sounds good!! :-)


jamij - January 15

Thanks for responding! I'll call the doc tomorrow and get some blood work done. Waiting is hard!


jg - January 15

I know all about the waiting part! Good luck - you must be feeling SO happy right now! Oh, and nervous....and excited...and nervous....and nervous.....LOL. :-)


jamij - January 15

JG - thanks for the encouragement. I'm trying to wait to get excited after the chem pregnancy in december and ttc for so long, it's hard to believe it's ever gonna happen!


jg - January 15

Yeah that's for SURE! I ttc for five years before I had my we're on the cycle again. PLEASE let us know how your bloodwork goes!!! How EXCITING!!!


mommy2josh - January 15

Jamij, they say a woman is most fertile right after a miscarriage. Please call your doctor to do a beta test for you. Good luck, hopefully everything will work out great.


tk07 - January 15

yes, i have heard that too, about being most fertile after a m/c. how exciting that it might have happened again so quick!good luck to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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