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tanner789 - March 28

is this a reliable way to detect ovulation is close, and if so how can you tell when they say it should feel soft and open, how do i know if ts open? i have been trying to check, i am definately wet, but it is not stretchy like egg whites more like clear watery ky jelly(but not in globs a thin layer) please if someone can help me detremine this


LauraEssary - March 28

Usually the egg white comes next but when its clear like KY then you are in the first of your fertile days. I suggest going to and trying it for the free month. They will enroll you in a free class if you want and it tells all about that stuff. Its a wonderful website! Anyway as for your cervix being soft, it should be sort of hard to reach because when it gets soft it sort of shrinks up and it will feel rather squishy. Make sure your feeling your cervix and not your G-spot. at the end of your cervix you should feel a small hole. The hole will definitly feel open when it is. When its not open and soft it will feel firm like the tip of your nose or sort of like a hotdog but a little firmer and will be a little longer then when it is soft, squishy. Sorry I am not good at describing things but I hope I've helped some. Also some months I dont even get that egg white stuff as much as others. It might be just a little a day or so after the watery stuff starts. But I still have to search for it. Then there are months like the last one where I went to whipe and a huge clump fell into the toilet! (by huge I mean a little smaller then a dime).


LauraEssary - March 28

okay this is going to sound terrible but I thought of the perfect metafor to help you know the difference between a soft cervix and a firm one.... Think of how a firm penis feels as compared to one when your hubby is cold or just not excited. One is firm, the other squishy :)



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