Checking your cervix
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Sarah - September 12

Hi, I was wondering what is the proper way to check your cervix and what does it feel like?


?? - September 12

I'm not sure if you can check your own cervix?? Not a doctor, sorry...


Sarah - September 12

I meant, can you feel the position of it, high or low?


miranda - September 12

If your cervix it up high and soft then you are probably it feels low and hard like the tip of a nose then you probably takes a couple of cycles to actually get checking your cervix down...if you read the book "taking charge of your fertility" it explains it better than i can....


miranda - September 12

oh...the best way is to squat and use 1 or 2 fingers but be sure to check it the same way each time...


Sarah - September 12

hi miranda, I was wondering how far up is the cervix? Would it take a whole finger? Sorry if it sounds like a gross ques but I want to start checking the position of my cervix.


annette - September 12

hi sarah, i too was having the same doubt as you a couple of onthsback. i read in www.peeonastick about detils regarding the cervix position, and feel, and the cervica mucous. i have started noticing them now. i find it the easiest to squat or when i to to pee. it is better to use the middle finger always, as it becomes quite unreachable when you are gonna ovulate.


KAS - September 12

sarah i am right there with you, i have no idea where my cervix is. i'm ttc and want to check it but i have no idea where it is??



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