Check Your Cervix Position Before Taking A Pregnancy Test !!
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Witch Hater - July 1

Just to all you lovely ladies out there who feel pregnancy symptoms but end up being shattered with that dreaded friend coming into town I was overdue by 3 weeks and tests came up neg 4 times. Finally I was told you can check your cervix to know whether your friends are coming or if your pregnant. If your cervix is low and hard means she's on her way. If it's high and soft, you could be pregnant or ovulating. Low and behold, a day after doing a physical on myself, the wicked witch came in for a visit!


kc - July 1

Thanks for the info. I have been wondering if you could check for that.


michelle - July 1

Hi, I'm probably the only wierdo, but, my cervix changes locations during the day. I was high and soft just before AF. Then after AF started I stayed low and open.



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