Charting BBT after Ovulation
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Deb - November 21

This is my first time charting my BBT for November. I am currently 7 DPO and my temps have been up abouve my coverline. However, I read that some peoples BBT takes a dip and if it goes back up, its a good sign that you have conceived. Does anyone know when this dip is supposed to happen if it does? My coverline is 98. For the past couple of days I have been between 94-92.0 and today I was only at 98.1.. is that a sign that I did not conceive? I also read that some people have tested as early has 9-12 DP0.. I am going away for Thanksgiving and would just love to know if I am or not. I really dont have any symptoms either...I did have some mild cramping and heart burn.. my breast are not sore at all..any ideas would help..thank you so much and baby dust to you all!


molly - November 21

Any chance you could post a link to your chart then we could help you more. I had a dip below coverline ay 6dpo and i got my + 14dpo.


Molly - November 21

Thanks for responding to my post. I will see if I can post my chart on here and then you can take a look at it. When your temp took a dip, did it go below your coverline and then go right back up? Like I said before, mine is usually 98.4-98.2 and today it was at 98.1..Im starting to get cramps and heart burn comes and goes... this would be my first pregnancy if it happens so Im kinda clueless about what I should be far are you ??


Kris - November 21

Are you keeping an online chart? I use one at Basically how it works is once AF comes your temps should drop below your coverline and stay there until you O, you know you have O'd when your temps go above your coverline and stay there for 3 consecutive days. It should stay above your coverline until AF returns. However, some people have what they call an implantation dip, where your temps fall for a day or so then raise again....I dont think that it necessarily has to fall below your coverline, I think it goes more by the points you drop, for example going from 98.5 to 98.2 then back up to 98.5 (having a 98.0 coverline) and staying up there could be an implantation dip. They also say that you should typically wait until you have been above your coverline for 18 consecutive days after O to test. But, and big BUT...from all I have read, charting BBT can tell you pretty accuratley when you O'd, but as far as telling if you are pg, it is not a concise method to go by. They do say that the 18 days of high temps after Oing is a very good sign on pg though, you just cannot say for sure just by looking at your temps however. If you are not already using, it is very helpfule in helping you figure stuff and you can find alot of info about charting on it and just by searching the web. I have been charting for 2 cycles now and am on dpo 15 and still have high temps and had 2 dips. Should have started AF 3 days ago, but tested this morn and got BFN. Will wait till this weekend to test again and see what happens! If you want to look at my chart I can try to figure out how to get it to you. You can also go there and look at the chart gallery and view peoples charts, you can even choose if you want to see charts from people who are pg, or just O'ing or whatever. I am no expert, but I think I know more about all this stuff than I ever imagined I would!! Hope I was some help!! Baby dust to all!


Kris - November 21

ok, you can go here and look at my chart.


ana - November 22

You are 15 dpo you should test. I cant really tell by your chart. The implantation dip charts I have seen drop way more than yours and then way up again right away, not staggared like yours is. You should be able to get an accurate reading on a test now.



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