Charting & Doing the Deed: Please Clarify Once & For All
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texas girl - June 4

OK I thought I had this all figured with info from here, & my doc, but I'm still confused:
I need to know WHICH days to do it. They say doing it after ovulation is too late to conceive. When my doc gave me a temp chart to start using, she said w/ my cycle (about 30 days), to do it on days 14, 16 & 18.
Well my temp rose (indicating ovulation has ended) on day 15. So, isn't doing it on any days after day 15 a waste?
......Are you supposed to do it before ovulation, during ovulation, after ovulation or a combo of any of the above??
Thank-you very much in advance! :)


texas girl - June 4

Sorry, here's a post script to my question above:

My BBT for the past 3 days were: Thurs-97.5 Fri 97.9 Sat 98.0.

So, did I ovulate on Thursday or Friday? Hubby and I did it last nite(friday nite), day 15. So was that right on time or too late??? Do we need to do it again on Sunday, or not?

I'm soo confused! thx


Stacey - June 4

Ok, first off to answer the 2nd question first, it seems like you ovulated Thursday, so you went up Friday, but what were temps before Thursday...that would help me make a better guess. As for the timing- you want to have as much sex right before you ovulate and the day you ovulate. Some say to even do it the day after to make sure. Try they are a great source as well!


texas girl - June 6

my temps were:
tues- 97.2
wed- 97.4
Does that help any?




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