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Jax1809 - March 18

Hi guys. I have just started charting my temp and am not really sure what i'm doing. Can someone please explain what your temperature is meant to do at various stages of your cycle? For eg. it's generally low before menstruation, high during, low after etc. Also, how can you find out how long your luteal phase is? I see on some of your posts that you know exactly how long your lf is. Oh and while i'm at it, what does IUI mean? Thanks.


KayteeLeanne - March 18

Hi Jax.. i believe that your temp goes up during af... then down.. then back up when u ovulate.. and you have to chart for a month before you know how long your luteal phase is.. so from the time when your period stops.. till your temp goes back up is how many days your LP is.. lol.. i think.. i havent personaly BBTed because my temps are always way off.. and IUI is artificial incemination (sorry for the spelling) if u search for it on google you'll find some pretty niffty sites.. good luck!!


Jax1809 - March 18

Thanks Kaytee :)


Meighen N. - March 18

Hi Jax... I have charted for about 7 months now and read a lot on it. There is a great book you should get its called "Taking charge of your fertility" It goes into details about charting BBT. Anyway, each person is different but my temps were always low well normal from Day 1- until I ovulated usually Day 16- Day 17 then you will see a rise in your temps...that will tell you that you did Ovulate. Then when you temp goes back to normal before o this means you are going to get AF:( But if your temps stay high...and no Af...then go out and get yourself a test...:) Smiles:)

Hope this helps a bit....BBT Charting is good for you to recognize your body...but unfortunetly when your temp rised its too late you have already ovulated. So it best to do it for a few months and see the patterns... then you should be able to find out exactly when you O each month.

Baby Dust


Jax1809 - March 19

Thanks Meighen. That helps a lot. I'm in S.A so i'm not sure if i can get that book here but i'll see if i can order it online.
Baby dust :)



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