Charted and took clomid for 2 cycles now pg!
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MelissaS - July 8

I just wanted to share my news. I am officially 4 weeks +1 day pg today. I charted and took clomid for two cycles. Good luck and babydust to all of you!!!!!!!!


dee - July 8

Hi and congrats. Tell me some more. What were your symptoms etc. Did you get the ewcm?


Drew - July 8

Melissa, thats great!!! OMG you got it!!! I'm so excited for you!!!


Kelly - July 8

Congrats MelissaS!! How many mill. of clomid were you on?


Kelly - July 8

Oh, and why were you on clomid Melissa? If you don't mind me asking :)


merlee - July 8

That's Great! Another one of us had succeeded. It gives us all hope. Yes, tell us your symptoms.


MelissaS - July 9

Hi girls. I was on 50 mg clomid because I have cysts (not PCOS) and was not o'ing. I started having sore breasts (I mean REALLY sore) about a week or so ago. Then yesterday I had a little nausia. But, I've been really tired and hungry. Today I am REALLY shakey and weak. I think I will nap here soon. :-) ****babydust**** to you all! Your turn will come I know it. God is just waiting to send you the perfect fit for your family. :-)


christina - July 9

congrats!!!!!!!!thats is awesome, joe and i are so happy for you!!!!!!!


Amy - July 11

Hey and congrats! Glad to hear the news. I bet you are so happy:) I am hoping that at the end of this month to the beginning of august that I will be announcing that I am pregnant. fingers crossed here. congrats again and best wishes for the new baby on the way:)


t - July 11

hey Melissa and congrats! how long were you tcc before taking clomid? just wondering....

baby dust


Lena - July 11



MelissaS - July 11

Hi girls. Thank you all for the well wishes. I was ttc for 5 months before getting on the clomid. BUT, I was ttc #2 so it's less time for #2. However, I knew I was not o'ing because I could tell when I did so my dr. didn't make me wait.



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