changing fsh levels and pregnancy
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Roxilove - August 29

II have had two fsh tests, one normal the other 150+. The specialist said that I must be post menopausal (I'm 41) and have no hope of pregnancy, other than donor eggs/embryo. I inquired about the great fluctuation, his response was it happens and no need to evaluate other levels. Any words of wisdom, suggestions, or guidance?


Sue Z. 38 - August 29

Do you still get your AF? There is always hope. There are a couple of books that I keep hearing about. One is written by Randine Lewis and the other I can remember by who but I think it's call Inconceiveable. I have not read them. But they talk about acupuncture, herbs such as wheat grass juice. It is a more natural approach and there are success many stories with women with high FSH. You might want to read the high FSH sucess story board (it's not on this site). I don't have the web address but is you plug in that search you should find it. If not let me know and I'll copy and paste it in this board. Don't give up yet. I am going to acupuncture and I love how I feel when I'm done. I'm calm and that's not easy during this stressful time on meds and IUI cycles. I just started my 2nd cycle of meds. Lots of baby dust to you!


merlee - August 29

The book by Randine Lewis is "The Infertility Cure". It is really reassuring concerning the "age" issue. I got it on for about $12. I highly recommend it.


D. - August 30

I can vouche for THe Infertilty Cure. The other book is Inconceivable by Julia Indichova. A woman who was told that she would never conceive because of her high FSH levels. You need a specialized support group like ----
----- There are tons of others and if you google them you'll find them. My FSH levels are slightly elevated so I understand it when docs give you the death knell when it comes to getting pregnant. Don't let them win!!



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