Change in length of cycles?
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LCJ - August 3

I was put on clomid 5 months ago because my cycles were anywhere from 38-48 days long since coming off BC 13 mths ago. First 2 cycles I was on 50mg and cycles were 28 days but then when I was put on 100mg my first cycle was 30 days and this cycle I'm still waiting and it's day 31? Had neg preg test thismorning so I have no idea whats happening? Any ideas?


LCJ - August 13

Me again, I'm now CD 40, have the sorest breasts ever and had a 3rd negitive preg test on CD 36? I have no idea what my body is doing but I'm so sick of this, especially after 13 months of TTC!


LCJ - August 19

I now know why I was so late........ the 4th pregnancy test on CD44 was positive!!!! It took me alittle over a year to make my dream come true. Good luck to everyone for their dreams coming true also.


Tammy276 - August 19

Congrats!! Time to come join us over on the first trimester board!!


Meighen N. - August 19

Congrats to you that was such nice ending:) All the best to you and your DH.



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