Chances of pregnancy after Lupron
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Janie - April 26

Hi, I have stage 3 endometriosis and recently had my 3rd laporascopy surgery. My doctor wants to put me on Lupron for 3 months to improve pregnancy. Does anyone know if this is effective and if so what are the chances/rates of conceiving? Thanks


am - April 27

I also have endo but have not had it removed for 3 1/2 years and do not know what stage it is. I went through lupron for 6 months last year but did not start trying to conceive until now (long story why) I do know that it increases your chances because it puts you in a temp state of menopause and your endo shrinks and some of it is reabsorbed by your body. And makes it much easier for you to conceive. I think my doctor told me it would be about 2 months after my treatment ended before I could start trying. Good Luck to you! BABY DUST


jg - April 27

I TTC for five years including five IVF attempts and three laparoscopies (stave 4 endo). On my fourth laparoscopy, the doctor gave me an injection of zolodex which lasted one month, then lupron. The lupron took effect for eight months (no periods), so at that time I tok medication to induce a period, then clomid, and we got pregnant on that cycle and now have a nearly two-year-old boy. That was the first time I had ever got pregnant. I say got for it!



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