Chances of conceiving 3rd child
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noellis - February 3

Just wondering how long it took people to get pregnancy with their third. We got pregnant very quick with our first 2. My oldest is now 31/2 and we are trying again. I have very obvious signs of ovulation, am 32 and in good health. Any thoughts?


lovemy3 - February 4

Hi there, I concieved my first 3 in the first month of ttcing, no problem. have no been trying to concieve my 4th for 13 months...aopparently nothing wrong...figure that one out-LOL. Good luck.


marymo - February 4

Hi noellis, conceived first two, no problems at all. Good pregnancies, healthy babies. Now 8 and 41/2. Have been trying for number 3 for 2 1/2 years. Going nuts!!!! Everything checked out fine. Dont know how much longer I can do this. Im 36, in excellent health. May call it quits soon. Good luck.......


lovemy3 - February 5

Hi marymo, frustrating isn't it. Wishing you all the best, hang in there.


caribangell - February 6

hi noellis,
i've been ttc for 8mts now, there was a question as to wether or not i had any follicles but i'm fine, I got preggo with my first two so easy and with no effort, but this third one needs a little coxing, or bribing or somthing. I read that our Vs become such dangerous breeding grounds for the sperm and sometimes the cm becomes toxic while the egg's shell becomes hard after time so check more info on herbs, or maybe the timing for ovulation and bd is off, or....mabe.. ITS NOTHING AT ALL!!! :-)baby dust to ya!!



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