chances after ovulation
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mychubbyhubby - November 18

Hello everyone
My hubby and I have been trying since July 2006. Just wondering, what are the chances of getting pregnant 2-3days after ovulation? Good I hope. I have been so busy at work when I realized my ovaluatin came!!


slowpoke01 - November 18

here is what i have found on the internet. hope that it helps you , i copied and pasted it here for you.intercourse after ovulation has little chance of resulting in pregnancy since the womans egg begins to disentergrate 24 hours after ovulation. Because a human egg typically lives for only 12 to 24 hours after ovulation, you are unlikely to become pregnant by having sexual intercourse the day after you ovulate.
If you are planning a pregnancy, do not have sex during the 5 days before your 6-day fertile window. (Not ejaculating for a few days helps build up a man's sperm count.) Then have sex once each day of your fertile window, including ovulation day.

hope that this helps


lovemy3 - November 19

From what I understand your chances are much higher PRIOR to ovulation. Good luck though.



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