Cervix Q...high, low, soft, hard???
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Milissa - May 24

When you are pregnant where is your cervix supposed to be?? My cervix has been very low and hard...Thank's :)


Kelly - May 24

I am wondering the same thing. I have been doing some research on the internet and found that the cervix will rise and become soft. This happens at different times in women though. It usually rises and softens right before af is coming but that is not written in stone--could happen shortly after af is suppose to arrive. Also, if you are taking any type of fertility med. it can make a difference as far as when it rises and softens. I hope you are preggo. Baby blessing your way!!


Milissa - May 24

Thanks I have just had not sao readable hpt and My cervix buy now should be getting ready to O, but it is very low and hard...was just wondering how your cervix is when you are preggers. :) thanks


Melissa - May 24

Ok, here is what I found. The feel of your cervix is much softer now almost like touching your bottom lip. This is an indication of your peak or most fertile time. The cervix will remain high until you ovulate - after which estrogen subsides and the hormone progesterone is released causing your cervix to return to its low. closed and hard position. *** So, I would then assume that if your were pg it would be low, hard, and closed. Has yours got high and soft this cycle yet?


Drew - May 24

Hi Milissa, from what I have read, the cervix gets softer, this is what they used to tell if a woman was prego before there were ept's. But if you go to dogpile or google and look up cervix in early pregnancy, there are pages and pages of info there. Good luck! Hope you find what you are looking for!



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