cervix postion
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Jen - May 11

Does anyone know how long after ovulation the cervix closes. I started checking last month and I ovulated 2 days ago and it still feels open. When should it start to close? Thanks-:)


Star - June 21

during intercourse with my husband I felt pain deep in my vagina, it felt like he was hiting my cervix. Is this possible and why?


Drew - June 21

Hi Jen, the change in cervix depends on the woman. I was always checking mine and it was different every month. It's so confusing!! Star, yes it is possible he was hitting your cervix. Depending on where you are in your cycle, the cervix gets lower in your body. The higher your hips are when dtd, the more likeley it is that he will hit it. I am putting a pillow under my hips while dtd, and I noticed I can feel it more.



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