cervix in ovulation and pregnancy
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? - August 15

Hello, I was wondering what is the cervix like in ovulation? Also, what is the cervix like in pregnancy? Is the cervix in any certain position in early early pregnancy like just a few days after ovulation? Any information would be great..thank you!


kc - August 17

After af and before ovulation you cervix is low, hard and open. During your fertile time your cervix is high, soft and open. It stays high until af arrives. It is nearly impossible to use your cervix to determine pg. Your doctor can tell after 6 weeks of pg because it has a blue tint to it, which you would never be able to see. If you are going to check your cervix you should check everyday starting right after your cycle. This way you can feel the difference between the stations and firmness. I hope this helps.


? - August 17

Thank you very much...the reason i was wondering is because i am due for af on or around the 24th. and my cervix has gotten low again..has been for a few days...i ovulated 9th/10th. what could this be if it is supposed to remain high until i start af? Also, it is low, soft and wet and feels to be open. that is not bad is it?


dg - August 17

mine goes up and down depending onthe time of day. Always check the time of day. i'm due for af in next few days and mine is low and closed.


kc - August 17

If it is open you are probably going to start af soon. But I am not doctor so that is my guess. If you are preg. it will stay closed and form the mucus plug.


Amy - August 18

Hello, well i have a lil change now. it is still kindly low, but it has gotten a lil bit firmer...like touchin my nose. and it does not feel to be open anymore, but it still feels wet. I am so confused. i just do not know what to think..will check again tomorrow and keep yall posted k? take care and thanks for all the advice.....by the way, i am expectin af around the 24th so that could be what it is, but i hope not...lol



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